Honing percentages

I’ve been playing the game for quite a while. And honestly it was quite fine until I hit T3. Once I got to around 1350, I stopped succeeding almost permanently. EVERY SINGLE hone is failing all the way up to 100% pity. I am not exaggerating. In the process of 1350 to 1358 I have 100% pitied 10 times which is basically 100% fail rate. Is there a reason for this? I hear people breezing past 1350 with single hones and I’m hard gated cause I don’t have the silver nor do I have the gold and nor do i have the materials to move on simply cause I’m failing so much. I have alts and am also progressing them. I am doing everything I can to progress. But its fruitless if I fail 100% of the time. Please help me.

Rng man, sometimes you get… sometimes you get got.

But isnt failing 100% of the time a bit much.
We are supposed to get 1400 content by May. By this output people like me who are getting trolled by Honing ‘RNG’ arent getting there until next year.

As many, many threads on the forums have stated, the listed chance of success is not individual but global.

For each time you hone your gear the chances that any player doing that exact same tier and hone will succeed are the listed chances. I hesitate to compare it to scratch off tickets, but it is similar… If you look at the back of the scratcher it’ll tell you that the odds of winning at least your money back are 1:4.8 or something like that. Roughly 21%. if you bought 5 tickets you could expect to get your money back or better for a single ticket. Across every single ticket printed. You could hit a run of 20 losses or find 5 wins in a row. It’s not truly random, but seeded.