Honing rate changes are a bad idea!

I have heard about discussions that people have been complaining about the honing rates…
And how this game is pay to win…
Let me tell you as someone who bought the bronze founder pack for 15$
I spent a lot of time grinding gold and upgrading my main with a lot of pieces at level 11 went to 100% artisan… i spent over 30k gold on honing mats and upgrading… my main is now 1355 ilvl.
I don’t buy gold i play the game and i earn it… and now you want to tell me that all my hard work and hours of grinding were for nothing… just like that the devs are going to increase the honing rates because people are complaining about it… if this happens… believe me a lot of people will get pissed because they will feel like their hard work at grinding the mats and gold was for nothing… and will probably quit the game… making me one of them… not just because of the honing changes… but because of the devs listening to the whining part of the community that have nothing better to do than complain. Yeah it sucks when your honing fails… but it’s a big part of the game, you can always come back tomorrow… grind the mats and try again… it’s how this game was designed and meant to be played… if it was up to me i would make the honing harder not easier, because the progression is already too fast and people are missing the point when rushing to tier 3…

Believe me when i say that the majority of the hardcore LOST ARK loving playerbase will quit the game if this change occurs with the next patch…
All you people out there crying how p2w this game is… please just quit and go play tetris

I don’t have anything against the catch-up mechanics and increased honing rates… the point is that it is too early to implement on top of the already present buffed honing rates that we already have since launch…


Im 1350 on my main, 1080 on main alt and, 900 on second alt and 6 other characters sitting at 302. I swipe some and grind like mad with close to 400 hrs in game and if they implement this change I wont care at all. It does not invalidate my time, money or effort. I can understand your point of view but I would welcome them to get my alts up to t3 so I can farm silver (people think gold is the best in game currency psssh, this game grinds to a halt if you are out of silver lol). I can promise you though the majority of the hardcore players will not quit. In fact the majority of hardcore players know that in the future people will start with 1302 characters. Is that stopping me from painfully grinding to that ilvl right now? nah. I do it because I want to. Like I said I see your side of the argument but posts that say “a majority” or “everyone” will do “x” if you do “y” makes me feel like I am personally being spoken for so I have to at least put up my counter point. At the end of the day agree or disagree amazon is gonna do what they wanna do. They arent exactly taking our feedback into consideration as you can see with the abysmal skin selection in game and tons of other things.


You swiped to get your character to 1350, and now they are going to boost the honing rates?

Oof. That’s embarrassing. What makes it sad is that you say you are completely fine by getting ripped off. Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me.


They will always buff honing rates this wasnt a secret. They never buff it to current its always one behind current.

This shouldnt be a suprise to literally anyone

It should for sure be a surprise if they buff it that early. It litterally means they launched the game in a state they were not happy with, and since they backtracked on having these changes on launch with complete radio silence with them regarding it since, it’s very troublesome.

How in the world can we have catch up mechanics talked about 1 month after launch? How can someone possibly already be behind?

The bottom line here is not wether or not they do it, it’s their lack of communication regarding this. You have to be out of your mind to expect CATCH UP MECHANICS released 1 month after launch.
The meta was litterally “don’t play the game” if this would go through. Everyone who got to T3 doing islands for 1 character when 1 month after those materials would be enough to get 3+ characters to the correct ilvl, it’s absurd to even think about.

Once again, deliberately misconstruing the point to seem intelligent. The issue is not that these changes were inevitable, its that they are happening too soon. Why do we need a “catch up” system in a game that’s been out for 4 weeks? I could understand 4-6 months, but this is asinine.

Why even bother to upgrade your character right now if in a month from now they will just boost the success rates again?

Why bother to do anything that is easier later? To have it now


Let us know that well ahead of time then.

I maintain a lot of alts and would have gladly not started yet (actually not started at all due to no roadmap and lack of communications) to make it easier to get all of them to T3. I’ve litterally ruined it for myself by draining every single island to get 1 character to T3 instead of getting 4 to T3.

I said I swiped, bold of you to assume it was on honing materials. No it wasnt and even if I had NO i wouldnt care because i knew along with all the “hardcore” players you speak of that this was an inevitable change. I chose to jump out early to be able to play with the auction house items before everyone else got in T3. I invested to get bigger returns. I do not enhance gear to beat the invisible enemy that people seem to be obsessed with raising Ilvl over. I got in the T3 economy early, bought the things I needed to off the AH for the future and now I spend most of my hours leveling alts, collecting skill points and having fun. you keep grinding that i lvl and being salty over how amazon runs this game. I said I respect your opinion and i meant it. Clearly you are not mature enough to agree to disagree.


Every Vet u listen to, even the Game Director said that t1 and t2 are bad content and failed versions of the game, why the hell would u not allow other players to just rush through it?

For me I dont care that it took longer for my main and some of my Alts. Right now my main is almost 1360, my highest alt is at the end of t2,another right in the middle of it and my 3rd alt soon to be t2 aswell and I’d love to see t1 and t2 honing nerfs!

Reprogressing through t1 and t2 just feels tedious and there’s nothing to really gain with Alt’s there beside Reputation.

I mean it has already been debated before launch to make the t1/t2 even faster than it currently is, so why does it surprise u ? People who are invested into the game are already t3 on their main or will soon be. These honing chance changes are just quality of life changes in my opinion.

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Can you explain to me why the game was not launched with this then?

Because some People had the opinion that new Players shouldnt jump right into t3 without learning the game first in t1 and t2.

I hate this statement, i mean in KR u start with 2 Punika PowerPasses and jump right into t3, to learn the Game’s mechanics from proper designed Bosses etc.

And that changed now? What is different now from 4 weeks ago?

That alot of Players have already finished t1 and t2 on their main’s?

this game has always operated by buffing rates when new content comes out it is how this game is run. it wont change because people feel everyone should play 400 since launch already

How is a “make it easier to get to 1385” change relevant to ones alts at this point?

Show me a serious debate on increasing t3 honing rates please. Everyone is talking about t1 and t2 honing rates.

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The entire rumor/speculation is about the patch notes that AGS posted during launch going live. It goes way past 1370.

original notes posted where exactly the rates korea has in place now. people wanna be on same page as KR but only when it suits them its stupid

Let’s be real, you won’t, If you’re at 1355 I’m pretty sure you like the game a lot and will want to continue playing, especially since they will be releasing the honing changes with new endgame content at the earliest.

Your perspective here is just “fuck you got mine”, it’s incredibly selfish.

Imagine if a new player hears from a friend about how cool the new raid is, and decides to start the game after seeing it.

Having a 400+ hour gameplay requirement to access that content is stupid, especially because that’s the content that the devs want all players to be able to access, because it’s the most fun in the game.