Honing rate changes are a bad idea!

This sort of boggles my mind when you contradict yourself in your own post.

“People are missing the point when rushing to Tier 3”

Indeed, they are. You would be one of these people. There is next to no point being 1355 ilvl right now. There is no meaningful content for you to reach. Any streamer coming over from other regions would have told you that there isn’t much point going beyond 1340.

In addition, anyone that has gotten to 1340+ at this point has at the very least done a bit of research on the game for a bit of guidance. If you had extended that research even a tad, you would know that the honing rate improvements would be coming to NA, just as they are already available in other regions.

In fact the boosted honing rate improvements were already leaked before the NA/EU release, but they decided to hold back on it. Why? Because it makes no sense for people to be able to immediately reach T3 content, if there is no T3 content present. Hence the current honing system.

Every game, not just lost ark, makes catching up to current content easier. No one wants to be stuck doing content that no one is invested in. The mentality that “Oh it was tough for me, so it should be tough for you too.”

So to mirror you? Yeah, it sucks when you spend a bunch of gold to get to the endgame with no actual content, and then when the endgame content releases they make it feasible for players to reach that point easier. But it’s a part of the game. You can always come back tomorrow and grind more gold. It’s how the game has been designed IN EVERY REGION and meant to be played. People are just missing the point when rushing deep into Tier 3 spending gold to reach a content drought.


What in the world are you talking about? Hardmodes start at 1370 that has been released since launch.

make no sense, korea and other server gave you chance to push t3 and play better game because they know t1-t2 is not that good.

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How nice of you to ignore everything else I said, particularly about these changes already being a thing in other regions for the health of the game. But okay.

If it’s your absolutely dream to fight Night Fox Yoho and do hardmodes with whales and other people hard pushing to the feasible level cap. That’s on you. I imagine you’ll find that there are a lot of players, experienced veterans included that would advise that there are better uses of your time than hard pushing into a very small subsect of the playerbase where there is minimal content.

They’d advise getting collectibles. They’d advise making gold. They’d tell you that all of these store prices where people are spending 30k gold on honing materials are eventually going to crash, so make the money while you can. You can always buy those materials after the market has crashed and catch up just as quickly.

The honing rate changes that have been slated to come to these regions since pre-release will only make that easier. Now again if you want to hard push into the sparse content and population available to you. Just know that your in a minority at that point.

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Cool, that’s great. Can you explain to me as I’ve asked several times in the thread the logic behind making these changes now and not having them during launch?

Im not contradicting myself… it’s just how it is right now with the majority of the players.
I like to push myself and play hardcore content that gives me a challenge. I am aware that there is not much to do at T3 right now, that’s why most of the time i play on my alts and it’s very fun for me. At the end of the day… it would be a stupid idea to boost honing rates this early and ruin the mentality of the hardcore playerbase that is devoted to this game.

Wasn’t it mentioned serveral times, that there is no content for t3 yet?

Unless you rotate which guardian you do on a daily basis there is as much T3 content as there is in the other tiers, if you count hardmodes as a separate dungeon.

You have a few less guardians, but you only do either the most comfortable one, or the hardest one.

And that’s the reason t1 and t2 where a failure, theres litteraly no real endgame content.

Amazing circular logic there.

“T1 and T2 are bad content, the devs say so, so we should get boosts and easy honing all the way to Tier 3”

Okay then why was the game not launched with these boosts?

“Because the game devs wanted us to experience Tier 1 and Tier 2 content”

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See you 1 percenters later lol next time do your research everyone knew these changes were coming sooner rather than later. If they don’t we will never catch up to the content and the game is only going to have the elitist playing.

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Sure. At launch there is minimal endgame. Notice the news report about introducing Argos, etc. It’s not in the game yet.

There is no point in introduced buffed honing rates that would only cause people to blow through T1 and T2 content and straight into T3 if there was no meaningful content available in t3. There are many things in this game that revolve around daily progress, the best examples of this is:

Rapport progress

Una’s Tasks(And their rewards): You can’t quickly finish your Tooki, ghost ship, Astray, etc reputation. These are locked behind daily incremental progress. Even rested bonuses to my knowledge don’t help reputation gains.

So there is no incentive for them to release a game that pushes everyone quickly into a content drought. It is better for them to let people steadily get to T3 at an extended pace that will allow them to go through numerous avenues of content.

Additionally an increased rate of progress would only exasperate splitting the player base. Because if Billy can play 15 hours a day and blow in T3 in 3-4 days. Bob playing 3-4 days at 4 hours a day who reaches late T1 or T2 is going to find these areas relatively barren because of the increased rate of progress.

These are just general examples from a game design perspective. I can go further into it, but it is generally healthier for the game. Otherwise you have things like people reaching T3 and trying to do a T3 ghost ship only to get destroyed because they don’t understand that the content is easier when you unlock the ghost ship sailing vessel. But they had no idea because they’ve been blowing through content the entire time so far rather than being incentivized to do collectibles and what not.

How in the world has any of that changed by now? Yikes.

Really? Do you need a kleenex?

The issue is that those who are at 1340+ have likely leveled and maintained alts that they’d never consider doing if they knew rates would go up just a month after launch. It really does invalidate time invested. 3 months-4 months sure, but 1 month? If these goes a head they’ll then have the issue of deleting alts. Whos gonna be keeping a full roster for farming when 1-3 is a straight shot? Then… we have the issue of everyone boosting to t3 and the content jot being available and wrap that back round to the no need to farm materials so less time required ingame.

I think if your argument to not change something is you’ve played 350 to 400+ hours in a period of time where the games only been out alittle over 600 hours is a good reasoning to not justify a change your opinion isn’t really grounded in reality.

Like you have to average your average gamer can play this maybe … maybe 3 to 4 hours a day and not necessarily every day. That’s your average you have to form opinions around those players not people like you or I with 350+ hours into the game. There’s a lot of us but were the exception not the majority.

Honing changes whether you grinded are not wouldnt be hurtful to you as well as right now without changes servers will lack people to even run the content. Yes it’ll have some but many will find it hard or want to play with friends.

I’m not sure about you but I’d rather run argos with friends then random matchmaking pugs, but that would be challenging when they play significantly less.

With changes youd still be on the top the margins would just be closer.

Ideally if the current content is say 1370 you want the majority at 1370. In this scenario you’d be still pulling ahead around 1380 or 1385ish. You’re dedication would be rewarded still just not to such an extreme, and this comes from someone at around the same ilvl at 1352.

You also have to remember we’re missing things korea has like events which give peole lots of mats and better login rewards.

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Excuse me ? They already implemented catch ups for t1 and t2 into the game?? The Dev’s WANTED us to jump straight into t3 right from the beginning i never said the Dev’s wanted us to experience it ? There has a massive outcry by some PLAYERS that t1 and t2 content Progress was too fast so the Dev’s gave us the honing rates we are at right now.

You for whatever reason seem to think this game has been released for months in the west.

Lol baby rage when I just blew a cannon ball sized hole in your logic.

As someone who has also reached pretty high into T3. Just because you worked hard for it, doesn’t mean that everyone else has to experience the same pain and grind you did. Your statement sums up the issues.

You’re in T3. There’s nothing to do. You end up playing alts.

No different when they release new content there will be a portion of the player base that grinds to the new cap. They’ll get to a point where there isn’t much to do. And they’ll play alts. If you want to be that player, that’s totally fine. But you shouldn’t expect that when new content releases, everyone has to experience the same grind that you did.

Catch up mechanics are in every mmo. From boosted EXP gains to “Road to XX” to completely revamping the leveling experience or offering character boosts.

The irony in all of this talk, is Lost Ark has done all of these things in other regions. So much so that currently I’m pretty sure players immediately boost to 1340 ilvl in the game if you play in the Korean regions. Just because you’re in the late game now doesn’t mean it should be painful for others to reach it.

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