Honing rates did not change

I’m trying to hone items on my alt sorc character and my friend made my realise that honing rates and cost for her did not change.
As you can see in screenshots:

material cost and honing rate steyed the same as they were before 15.03 patch. The only thing that changed is gold cost.
Is it normal or is it a bug? and if it is a bug can i somehow get mats back that i have lost to failing to hone?

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only hyper pass alt get the cost reductions

Patch doesn’t say so. It’s under general not under the express explanation.

exactly and as i can see my power passed bard is not affected by this bug.
right now i can see 2 causes

  1. Sorc was in knowladge transfer during the patch hours and that messed up his file
  2. im not upgrading legendary gear and the reduction works only on it

how much the hon mats cost before this patch? all my alts was hon to 1415 never hon it anymore so i cant remember… all i remember is the hyper express geting the cost reductions.

here are the old costs

Im honestly confused where your problem is. U have 20% on ur piece. Thats the buffed rate. Show us the mat cost.

Edit: nvm thats +10 not +15… i see where your problem is… you’re upgrading 1302 gear arnt you? Honing buff is on 1340 gear(oreha/argos). Just buy it off AH and then upgrade it.

it would be nice if that was stated in the patch notes… on the other hand i was not aware of this change as well :frowning:
i wonder if i can get a roll back or any kind of support help here :frowning:
edit - you need 1370 ilvl to buy that gear so it solves nothing xD

sadly our patchnote is very blurry on that compared to the KR one that detailed which iLv equip got what buff.

the 1340 to 1370 only applies to base iLv 1340 gears (Chosen/Argos).
That allows people who use a Powerpass1340/Story Express to directly be able to up their gear to 1370 to even out others people that are transfering from 1302 → 1340 gears