Honing Rates vs Content Pacing

First up about myself:
I’m, what is possible considered, a new player who started his Arkesia Story with the western release of this great game. So by now I have about 350hrs into it and I’m currently GS 1355 with 110 Fails (as per Achievement List).

Since I’m always eager to learn more about the game of course I watch a lot of the popular Streamers.

So here comes my take:
On one hand there is the famous 7/7 patch in the Korean Version of the game where honing rates for 1340->1370 progression were greatly increased and a lot of you out there are asking for this patch very verbally and loudly.

On the other hand there was the very quick release of Argos, wich made it feel p2w and a lot of you are saying that was way too quick and AGS/Smilegate are forcing us into p2w.

So the way I see it atm, is you can’t have both. Let’s imagine no Argos but increased honing rates then everybody would have rushed to 1370 (as alot of you are doing already) and then consequently complaint about “no endgame content” as it happens with a lot of games. This would have been even more disastrous imho.

Now we have “hard” honing rates but we also have a goal set with the Argos raid. IMHO this is a way better state to be in. This way people have time on their hands for islands, trade skills, mechanics, Alts and all that sort of stuff that is a big part of what Lost Ark is.

With todays upcoming patch there will be more honing materials introduced so you have more tries wich should lead to shorter “waiting” times for GS 1370. I think this is exactly the right way to go about it.

So imho the game really is not in bad a state as alot of you make it seem.

And lastly thx AGS/Smilegate for bringing this game to the west and for all your good communication and quick fixes to small problems.


I agree with this. Thanks AGS/Smilegate, game is fun and hopefully I enjoy it for a long time.

Now my take on it. I agree that we don’t need the 7/7 patch yet, and I look forward to the coming update. Currently Argos is late game content, there’s no reason to be pushing everyone towards 1400+. However my opinion differs on how Argos raid should be seen as a goal; it should, instead, be a brief intermission.
I believe our goal is to catch up with Korea’s version. If we are taking too much time here, their constant updates will continuously outpace us. AGS should put out a clear, defined roadmap and inject necessary honing material to keep us on track to catching up.

Example, if legions raids are coming out, they should prep us for it with additional resources prior or maybe even that 7/7 patch if most of the players are too far behind.

Instead of releasing content at a pace that matches our progress, AGS should match our progress to the pace at which new vertical content is coming out. Argos release did not do that, and I think that was the problem. They gave us the content, but not the resources or the means to partake.

Finally someone with a functional brain!!!

I agree 100% goodluck on your journey to 1370

For me it’s a problem knowing that we hit 1370 just to know that future content will be even further away locked behind 1-5% chances. Why is there no new content for like 1320? 1340? 1350? There is literally nothing to do in this game. There is no content. Honing is the real content and people that defend this game in terms of content are delusional masochists. The absolut biggest problem is the lack of content. There is nothing inbetween the big updates. We need stuff do to and unlock while we climb towards Argos. Next real new content is with what, 1415? Then 1450? Then 1500? With nothing to do besides the 2-3 different kind of „content“ which is recycled all the way? Damn come on. With every new tier within T3 what will we get what is called content? One new abyss raid? Wow, just wow.

Why complain if u hate it so much?


Yeah, just suck it down and say nothing. Seems right. I think you’re wrong here if you want to stay silent. Adioz to you.

And that is why AGS should be pulling us along. Get us through this ‘prologue’ and into content. We won’t know if they are going to do so until their road map comes out.

You are litteraly ranting about every aspect of the game and how much you hate the game.

Instead of wasting your precious energy ranting how hard u hate the game u should just play another game that u don’t hate

@ VongolaXth
why do you say there is absolutely no content ? This would only be true if you would have collected all the mokoko seeds, island hearts, giant hearts, leafs and so on and I doubt you have. Those collectibles give you valuable upgrades like stat increases and skill points. Yes they’re a slower upgrade compared to increasing a weapon from +14 to +15 but they’re equally important. It’s no use to you standing in front of argos with 220 skillpoints and no engravings.

Well, if you count that as content, then this game has enough to offer. Why even bother adding Argos then? Just throw in 1000s more seeds and people will have enough „content“. Haha come on. Sure, this is part of the game too but definitely not the main part of the game. If it were a main part, most T3 would have atleast the mokoko title and I do think that most don’t even have 400. Not everyone is playing this game like someone who played on KR or RU and is pushing the absolute limits because they know they will play… hone this game for years.

But am I that wrong? Argos is a „endgame“ goal right now. Which is totally fine. But those that don’t cash in will take like weeks, no, months to reach that with a NORMAL playtime daily. Between 1302 and 1370 there is nothing „new“ and the road to 1370 eats so much time and while you’re trying to reach 1370, you do the same 3 things daily. The same 3 things you did in T1, T2 too. I am just frustrated because this game, the gameplay is so much fun but i really dislike the empty space between „new“ content which is Argos right now and the honing towards 1370. There is nothing inbetween. Nothing new. Sure, i am crying but I do think that it needs to be addressed.

Soon u will have to grind months as a tryhard to reach new content. So as a “casual” it will take even longer. I don’t see a problem

No reason why we can’t have both, if honing rates stayed at 30% we wouldve been in the content at a reasonable pace and everyone would feel it was slightly more difficult than T2 but totally bearable.

The only reason we don’t have both is because they want to milk whales and desperate fomo progressors. I get it, they are a business and it’s totally working so why not make the money? It would be stupid not to.

I didn’t play KR or RU Version. I didn’t look into LA very thorough. Maybe they should tell newcomers, that this is the real endgame. Waiting/Playing for months just to reach new content, making several alt characters… It’s like, the first few months / content is easy to reach with just a little bit of grind but then the grind takes a straight upwards for just one small new thing. If I really don’t like that way, I will stop, but right now i feel fine with it taking weeks if not months to reach a new HUGE content update. But tell me, why should or can’t there be smaller dots of content while „trying“ to reach the huge content drop? Like I mentioned a small new thing at 1320, another one at 1340, another at 1355… just an example ofc. That would give smaller goals which each give you a feeling of „you did something and progressed“. That’s the only bigger „problem“ i have with LA.

I don’t know much about the KR Versions but it seems like, there were several new contents before Argos was released there. New content with more honing materials. New content you could do daily with each character. Maybe that is needed to make me stop crying? :clown_face::joy:

Are u dense or are u trolling? Because i’m pretty sure everyone knows there is an update in an hour where we will have several extra venues to get honing mats.

Well, to be honest I was not up2date. For the honing materials part, this is great, but content-wise, nothing new, just recycling.

Recycling hence why we get an event that has never appeared in KR or RU. Pls don’t talk if you’re clueless

Quit like I did, now they said they will give us more materials xd If it could change something xd This game is boring, put between time gates, which blocks u in every way and forcing to make alts and do everything from the beggining xd

Yeah, seems like I am clueless because I open my mouth and critic things which should be addressed. With people who just suck everything and defend every negative thing about a game … how do you want it to change for the better? For everyone and not only for the whales and elitists?

The thing that you’re rocksolid on your standpoint, shows enough lack of willingness to allow other opinions, that it is of no further use to discuss anything with you.