Honing Rates vs Content Pacing

You don’t really have the full picture here.

Yes and no. Sure, people would have been able to reach 1370 very quickly, and probably reach 1400 easily this week or next week.

But you’re ignoring that we currently have no endgame content.

Argos is a pretty whatever raid (not particularly difficult) that drops no long term gear and is basically just to give you a decent set bonus for Valtan.

The whole plan was to have Valtan, the first Legion Raid, the read endgame content that all the hype is around, 2 months in.

If you don’t know, 1400-1415 is like 50% of 1370-1415. It’s significantly worse than 1355-1370, it’s probably about as long as 1302-1370.

Having the 7/7 honing buffs that were pulled (just went to 1370, not 1415) from the start actually put us on a timeline where semi-hardcore players would just be reaching 1415 right before 4/14 (OG Valtan date).

However due to the pulled 7/7 honing rates Valtan is getting delayed because most people are going to be nowhere near 1415 on 4/14.

Remember Gold River said that he wants people in Legion Raids ASAP, not T3. T3 before Legion Raids is literally just T1/T2, doing daily unas/guardians with no real challenge. It’s what lead people to quit.

Yes, the game is in a bad state, because the good content, the content that retains players, is getting delayed.

People are getting 1370 like 3 weeks later than they should.

I agree. Personally, I think honing buff like they have in Korea should come with 1st or 2nd legion raids (1st If they did not implement extra content for mats by then, 2nd if they do). By then, a lot of existing players are probably over 1370 or near that level. It will attract new players and players who left.
Before then, they should just do more events and other form of content like this upcoming patch to inject more mats rather than increasing the honing chance. It’s too early for the buff right now. The game is very new still.