Honing RNG is just the beginning

People think getting to 1370 is the hard part. It’s really not. Wait till you see the rest of the grind.

Ability stone RNG, where you throw 3k at an ability stone with a <10% chance of getting >=6, >=6, <=3.

Engravings, where you spend 30k gold getting a >80 qual, +3/+3/-1 accessory in each slot.

Gems, where it takes 19683 T1 gems to get a single T10 gem.

Tripods, where you get maybe 1 legendary broken gear every chaos dungeon at best and roll a 10% chance to get a meta tripod that you need in the correct slot.

If people think 1340-1370 is hard I think they need to realize what comes after is even harder, AND your progress does not have an end in sight anymore. There is no artisan’s energy to save you from getting a good ability stone for your build.

lmao but you are playing end game though. plus I rather be high lv pumping while getting stuck than gated by gear lv.

I think when Valtan comes out and top players actively filter out people without 3/3/3/1 engravings and subpar gems… people will realize how honing RNG was just the beginning. You might not think it’s relevant right now but it will be soon.