HONING still sucks 36 fails in a row now 2 pity dont count

ok AGS throwing more matts does not help the issue so you get pity after 19 fails now instead of 20 big F in deal. Just blew thru 160 solar green 90 solar blue 38 solar purp 17 books 5k weapon crystals and 2k armor crystals and 0 successes 29 fails in a row ran out of weapon crystals pity is at 93

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Throwing more mats at people could never be a solution since the fundamentals of the honing system are designed to make the players hate the game because they’re designed to make you hate it so much that you will spend money… it’s a shit system. But all it’s going to do is make people quit playing when something better comes along.


Only 29?!? Lucky!!

hahah 36 now im not counting the 2 pity that i got

over 700hrs played stuck at 1366 and they wonder why ppl are quitting
and I refuse to spend any $$$$ on this game


lol im also stuck at 1366.66, i think theres something weird with this number

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I got past 1370. I’m literally spamming hidden quests and rapports just to get enough silver to afford more hones. The struggle is real.

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I just did 16 at 80%+, failed half of them.

I stopped counting at 32. I also jump around for some reason after a piece would fail. Probably not the best approach but, its what I do.

Yeah man. I feel ya. I just hit 1355 last night before logging off, bringing that 32+ string of failures to an end.

I also got a mercy hone right before that so, the week has been kind thus far :wink:

Fortunately, I’ve been able to anticipate some market fluctuations in my favor so, Gold count is decent. Low for my personal comfort level, but decent in comparison to what others have shared.

My Silver is sitting at just under 5mil. I’ve been running dailies on a main and 3 alts. It sounds like a lot, but if you take a couple hours on a weekend to setup your Bifrost network, you can run dailies on 4 characters in under an hour. Sure, some daily quests are a bit more tedious than others, but I’d say that hour is average, with some runs taking an hour and half maybe.

Unlike OP, I’m in love with the horizontal content. Metus Island was my favorite “love to hate” island. Getting that Island Soul after that dev troll of a quest felt divine!

I am actually thrilled that the monotony of Dungeon, Guardian, Dailies and Event content is offset by some rather intriguing quests. Not to mention hidden drops! I got a Red Wolf mount in a secret room of a Chaos Dungeon the other day!! Woot!

Most people get to 1370 with around 200fails.

Also if someone isn’t at 1370 at this point the game really isn’t at fault.
It was an issue 3weeks ago, not now lol. Even without alts.


I agree. I could sink my gold into mats but, I’m having a great time investing in the market at the moment.

I should definitely be at or above 1370 with my hours played, but those hours have been spent across a ton of horizontal content.

I enjoy the struggle, the journey, and overcoming all obstacles along the way. I’ll get to Argos by God!

234 and counting. i still have four pieces of +14 to go

Same spot as you, 159 fails. Thats with two characters in T3 and four in T2 as well.

Cutting gems is really suss… I hit more REDS at 25% than BLUES at 75%
I think the percentages in this game are rigged.

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Everytime around 60% sometimes you will fail most of the time.

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And what’s the problem? You have like 5% chance to hit 90% 29 times in a row. So every 5 players per 100. It’s not even that rare.

the pity system is exactly what people have asked for when they said “let us 100% upgrade if we give enough mats”.

the reason it feels bad is because it says “FAIL” instead of “Artisan energy infusion complete”

it sucks to upgrade and fail, but for every person that fails 20 times in a row, there is someone that 1 taps somthing and save a bunch of mats.

if you want a system that ensures you get an upgrade, this is as good as it will ever be.

they will never reduce the mats or the number of taps. because its supposed to take a while, they could imo give people a one shot button if they have enough mats too pity though. even if it would likely waste more mats then it would save.

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Honing just isn’t fun. I’m not into casino mechanics though… especially pointlessly convoluted ones.


Choose one:

  1. You don’t get your BIS legendary after 700 hours of playtime in Legion, doing your weekly lockout raids every week and pray for the right drop every single time
  2. You add to the pity meter over time for a guaranteed upgrade, but also sometimes get lucky and get your upgrade within a few taps

I agree, and I find this system being much more player-friendly. Imagine a system with higher rates (even double them) but no pity. People would be crazy furious :rofl:

Hey man why you have to come with hard maths in here?