Honing success rate

i just love my 98% fail rate,can you make it worse?

Some people upgrades weapons with 1% chance, just RNG.

98% fail rate is 21 - 22. Why would you want 1520 ilvl just handed to you. Viakiss is 1460… also tapped my wep to 22 today, 40% blessing, cost a lot, and felt good to not pity it. Do I expect AGS to hand me a 22 wep for free? No.

Stop complaining and touch grass. You don’t need to be 1520 ilvl for viakiss.

Need more ppl with 98% fail rate so i can balance it out with a high success rate

Had to pity my headpiece from +17 to +18, took like 10 attempts to +19 and first tried +20 yesterday. It do be weird

hey pal ,everybody jus wants a lil mo success rate jus cause you pay, dont mean tha rest of us ,an if you wanna complain on people ,start your own post

i want a fair success rate, this is insta kill . unless you, 9 fails it wonnt go up. fair means sumtimes you try 2 times an make it,not 9 fails you dont till you do.

Wait for the honing reset with Brelshaza relic gear, then it will go up again, anything over 20 relic is a grief right now.

well nuthins changed on Mari anyway, which is where i have tha issue, its enough ta make a guy quit,dang. i have another account on sasha its more than fair.even tha stronghold perks work,go figure.

i think you are confusing bad luck and “bugged honing rates”.

we’ve all had shit luck sometimes back to back. the honing rates are the same across all servers within our region lol

you are so smart amazing how some people are just so much smarter than others.im on 2 diff severs your not …there is a difference wether you believe it or not…

no theres no difference lol

thats what RNG means. the honing rates are global across all regions, including RU, JP and KR. you failing a hone does not change a thing.

and i hope to god your not confusing the stronghold buffs at 1385 and 1460 as being “different honing rates”.