Honing system is a joke and it is not a funny one

Hi everyone!

First of all I like this game and I’have played for 580+ hours… I’m playing much more horizontal content (collectibles, roster level, adventure tome, etc) and have many alts to try another classes while not playing my main, so I’m really trying to taste all aspects of the game not just increasing ilvl, but being stuck on vertical content with my main isn’t nice and now I’ve began to understand why people are leaving this game so often or at least very unhappy like I’m starting to feel right now.

I know there is always a possibility to fail and I’m not in a hurry to reach T3 so I was dealing well with failures until now, but failing to honing gear to +15 4 times in a row spending all honing material possible is a joke… I have failed 4 days in a row at 70%, 74%, 78% and now at 82%. It is a waste of time and a waste of gold/resources and is hard to explain so much failures with such high chances 4 times.

Even if I have tried with 40%, 44%, 48% and 52% (no honing materials), I think that I should have succeeded at least once.

The sad part is that at the same time someone could succeed 4 times in a row and is in a far better situation than me sometimes playing/spending much less time/resources.

i find the honing system to actually be way better than the alternative(world of warcraft loot system), having a chance at a random drop of gear from a boss + having to WIN the roll to get that said item, if that item didnt drop or you lost the roll you will have to pray it drops next week.

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I understand what you saying (and I’ve played wow a lot too), but just comparing to another game with a broken system does not make this system good. The perception of a game should not rely on pure luck on in my case bad lucky. As I’ve said I was playing much more horizontal content than worried about ilvl, but failing many times with high chances much above 50% is not normal.

The problem here, in my opinion, isn’t the system: it is the psychology.

If the system presented itself as “must hone 10 times to upgrade with X% chance of instant upgrade” you’d feel good about every hone. You’d feel good that you were progressing.

Instead, it gives you X% chance to succeed with a failure screen every time you don’t and a huge cliff with (and this permeates the game) numbers everywhere to go, well hell I’ll just fail until it gives me it for 100%. It instantly makes the player feel like shit how much they fail, as failure is the path to finally succeed, not success from the start.

The person who invented the system doesn’t understand psychology or is a masochist.

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Why aren’t honing materials bound to roster ?! I thought the point was to make alts to gear your main, but I can only trade 2 out of the 4 materials

I completely agree with you, I have alts full of items needed by other alts and I can’t trade… harmony/life shards, leapstones, etc. Even my main, when I play cube tickets I haven’t spent earlier or any content that rewards T1 materials became pure garbage and I can’t roster share.

I feel like mats being bound is a bad mech. Should have mats bound to roster. It sickens me to look at bound mats on several alts just sitting there cause I hit the next tier. More tradeables can be bad for the economy and make it plummet more getting the boys to abuse it too much. Worst thing might be shards not being roster wide.

It doesn’t rely on pure luck, there is a system called Artisan Energy that guarantees a 100% chance to upgrade after X number of fails. Why are you lying about the system?

So let me check if I understood. I need to just feel ok that even at very high chances (every time spending time/resources to be at highest chance) honing are failing consecutively and I need to feel grateful that even with high chances and increasing every time and failing many times, that at least when they reach 100%, after several days or couple of weeks experiencing all possible fails per item and per honign level, I will have a granted upgrade.

Yes, now you’re getting it. That’s what chance is, and the devs are good enough to say well, we’ll give you a 100% chance down the road after X amount of fails when they could decide to just not do that.

Tbh 75% looks good but theres still a 25% chance you’re gonna fail. It feels bad for sure, but how many of you are complaining when you hit that 5% tap… none cause its hype when you do. I always hear about bad rng when not hitting that 75% but yall stay quiet when that low percent tap hits.

In reality its not much different from other games, boss drops in other games have rng chances of dropping the gear you need so you could run it for 2 months and still not have your whole set etc.

In a way its not that bad, im just happy the gear dosnt break.

I thought everything on the top bar was roster bound when I first started, so I just kept opening those shard bags.

Little do I know…my t3 char now has 60k green shards just sitting there