Honing System "Luck"

I’m not here to complain about the honing system, that’s how the game is and complaining won’t change anything, plus I dont think it’s a bad system to slow people progress, IMO only problem is the content release pace was not proper.
But that’s not the thing I wanted to talk about.

I’m honestly starting to think that the displayed % are not the real ones taking place, if it is my bad luck, well, my bad, but I want to know other people opinion.
I’ve found myself many times in the extremely bad luck end, by that I mean taking a 60% upgrade chance to 100% thanks to artisan energy, same with 45% etc and even more with 30% and 15%, by many I mean MANY, however never have I found myself landing 4 or 5 60% back to back, which statistically is easier than failing 60% back to back. My biggest achievement was hitting two 20ish back to back, I was lucky there, but that was for real the only time
I guess I can have an insanely bad luck but at this point I’m really starting to think the % shown is not the % used, Ive been on the bad 1-2% chances of that happening MANY (10 times easily) times but only once on the 4% good one.

I’m not going to quit for it, I love the game and I will keep playing, in the end % is just a chance of getting the upgrade before you should, but I really want to know if it’s only my unlucky ass or if this is happening to more people

I think rates are pretty accurate. I also think I’m more of the unlucky one, but sometimes I do get lucky. And I feel that players tend to remember unlucky incidents more, especially during upgrades where rates were higher.

I failed a 90% the other day. Then I, like you, got 2 20% back to back (10 but with books). RNG is going to just be RNG. We can speculate all we want but unless we can go in and read the code, theres really no way to know. That being said, i do believe the percentages are legitimate because being dishonest about them would open up a can of worms that they would probably never recover from.

I do remember something about GR himself getting frustrated and thinking there was something wrong with the percentages but after looking into it, they were accurate.

Keep in mind i havent verified that story. Could be true, could be false.

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That’s what I’ve been saying. How the game presents the system is backwards. It should tell you fill the bar to succeed. But hey there’s a 10% to upgrade before filling the bar.