Honing thoughts?

Hey everyone! I know this has been a hot topic and there are thoughts scattered everywhere, so I’m trying to gather some constructive criticism on your thoughts about honing in one place. Good and bad!

Please keep it mature and kind in your words, and please do NOT attack each other for your opinions on this topic. The more thought out and explained, the better!

So… lemme hear it!


With Argos released and not being able to be taken back I do think it would be a good idea to release the original honing changes that were mistakenly posted in the launch notes.

This would help anyone currently stuck in another tier, as well as our alts. And get us more ready for whenever they DO release further Legion raids, since even with Argos we’re not going to be ready for Valtan.

I’ve also heard around Valtan is when other regions got their honing changes, so would be a good time.

Also add some of the further sources that are currently in other regions like Heroic Guardians and whatnot.

I do not think many would honestly be mad at their “wasted resources”, I’m in T3 on 2 characters and have 4-5 more spread between late T1 and late T2, I don’t feel like I wasted anything, it’s the price of pushing hard in any game.


There is not enough materials sources in the game right now. Even hardcore players are struggling to reach 1370 and won’t be able to in a reasonable amount of time. If new world is anything to go by another week of this dry spout will lose a good chunk of players “again” .


the horning rates are too low.

please make it t1 and t2 100% and for t3 20% or 30% higher chance just like u guys posted a month ago or something but got removed.


This or they could release more ways for players to “earn” mats. Right now there’s just not enough players at T3 and the RMT/bots are making everything too expensive.


The problem is multifaceted. It is the combination of our low honing rates and our general lack of materials mixed in with what frankly feels like an absurd pace to be pushing out content.

Obviously, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, the launch of Argos is NOT going well. It has left players feeling bitter, like this game is catered purely for elitists and people playing it as New Game+ after playing in other regions.

Something needs to change, and it needs to change not next month, but on an extremely accelerated pace. So ultimately - implement whichever path gets this situation fixed as rapidly as possible, whether it is more content to provide materials, or changing honing rates, or both.

And by the way? It’s time for an ‘oops, we really screwed up’ statement as well. Amazon needs to acknowledge this is a mistake and clarify their intentions.


IDK how many of the further sources they could really add though, some are tied to content that they’re not releasing yet (like South Vern)

yes like the 50% of dungeons which are missing xD


Everything is fine as it is, a game need time to get to the end game, not everyone need to rush there , 1 st month of game release, i think its too easy as it is!


I think a honing boost or some kind of honing change that makes it easier for everyone, it would help the player base a lot. I’m seeing a lot of frustration regarding t2 and especially t3 honing.

For the sake of longevity and fun, I believe it should be changed. We already know that we are getting content every month and most people get hooked on legion raids.

the more content we have access to faster without a month of 8-hour grind the more fun it is for everyone.

a good example on how it feels/ is

source from reddit user u/boomer_hours


Trust me when I say this game isn’t catered to elitist right now. It’s catered to the oil barons, super whales, insane people that do 12hours of infinite chaos, and 3rd party RMT users.


Personally, my issue isn’t that the rates are too low, it’s just that there’s too much RNG (i.e. not enough artisan energy and all that). I’m not necessarily against slower progression since it’s just a lever to control content release, but it really feels like the guaranteed success should come after fewer failures, or we should just have double the cost AND double the success rate so we have more control over it with the various success boosters.

Particularly at T3 I think one of the reasons it feels so bad is how little there is to do. I had to kill the same guardian, twice a day, for something around 6 days before finally unlocking a second one.


ur wrong even the director said he wants us to go to t3 because the game begins there


Honing would be nice to help us get to t3 and progress faster in t3. However, the main problem is the fact that some of the content ilvl was changed to higher ilvl as well as the fact were not given other methods of acquiring honing material that other regions had. Even PvP vendor still isn’t out yet so that’s a week we are not getting materials for as well. The honing material part I’d say is vital towards progressing and missing out on honing materials just screws both f2p and paying players. Honing chance increases is just a bonus but at the end of the day, without any materials, you cannot hone.

EDIT: In my opinion. if you the decision-makers are still planning monthly content releases, Honing chance increases are inevitable since very little players will get to access the new content on release even if you are playing the game as if it was a job. What people want at the end of the day is to access the content instantly when it releases if they put effort in. This is true for how most Western MMORPG’s work and I know Lost Ark also has allowed players to do so in other regions.

TLDR: Increase more ability to get mats. If AGS/SG is still trying to have a monthly release schedule, increase honing chances as well, and allow a lot of mat acquisition or a lot of people will be discontent with putting in effort and not being able to access the content instantly if you do not spend money. F2P is possible in other regions but in NA/EU it is very difficult for the newer content.


People are not rushing, they can’t even crawl in this game. That’s how slow they are forced to go. and with the spikes on the ground they might as well not even take the journey.


not releasing abyssal raids, legion raids and all of the content that was a material farm as a precursor to releasing Argos is just not right. Every other version released the material farm leading up to Argos to give players time to farm the necessary materials to prepare. What you guys did was launch the opposite of what the original version of the game launched and it seems predatory. This is not a good look on you.


Either more (sources) materials or higher honing chances, thats it.


There is no content between 1340 and 1370. And it takes an incredible amount of resources to get there. So its the same 2x guardian, 2x chaos, weekly abyss. We are missing a lot of content and many players will soon hit this same T3 wall. I think a lot of people aren’t speaking up about it is because they aren’t there yet, or they whaled their way across the finish line. As it currently sits, most people are a month to 2 months out from being 1370. By that time it was already leaked that Valtan is supposed to be released, so people will be even further behind. It just doesn’t feel good. You walk into a brick wall in T3 with the light so far down the figurative tunnel that it’s tough to see the light at the end.


Either lower the cost to upgrade or add more ways to earn mats in game other than just having a ton of alts.
Playing alts just to funnel stuff to your main is boring and a good way to burn out fast.


For reference, I had absolutely no clue about how this game works, just saw some gameplay and thought I’d try it out. So I wasn’t prepared like some other players.

250h in I’m sitting at 1335 and some extra mats. 50 honing failures total.

T1 = great experience. Phantom Palace was epic, learned how most things work, some honing failures but was never stuck.

T2 = 8 man abyss was epic, Alberhastic before the nerf was great, Fatespire was the best challenge in the game so far, but 1080->1100 odds are ridiculously bad. I completed every single quest which gives honing mats and I was stuck in 1093->1100 range for 5 days. Like had no options of advancing other than waiting for daily reset. Some struggle is fine, but there’s no reason to keep people gated from T3 when all that T2 gear instantly becomes useless as soon as we reach first T3 chaos dungeon.

T3 = 3 days in and I’m 1335. Already completed both Oreha dungeons, so 1340 will get me only another guardian. 1340->1370 chasm is so gigantic I’m not even going to attempt it with current state of things. And there’s literally no content inbetween which would make it worth it. It’s just hard version of Oreha and Argos at 1370. Not enough, at least for me. Especially after watching a streamer spend 150k gold and a ton of mats to get there. Not happening for regular players.

1340->1370 needs either significant odds improvements or just give us all the weekly content KR/RU have. Same thing. I’d probably even prefer more content because I’m playing to experience way more interesting dungeons/raids and not because of ilvl.

Another thing is that I’m a one character player and we also should get some kind of boost. I don’t expect to get the same mats as someone playing with a small army of alts, but I’d like some reward improvements for players with no alts. I got hooked on this game, but I’m not going to make it in a 8h daily job.