Honing worst luck

Hi, i write this cuz i really bored. I have really bad honing luck. I’m 1455 and i upgared my weapon +12 to +17 with %100 artisan then hit the +18 with %60 artisan. I’m hitting armors too like this with%50+ artisan. Is this happening only to me? I hitted t3 before many lost ark player but they already skip me cuz i have really bad honing luck!!! I tried everything, i tried upgrade with honing mats, i tried with 9999 stone, i tried upgrade with one by one and now i deleted the game. Why am playing this game? Is it everything for %100 artisan!!! It’s incredible. I saw one thing about this; KR player deleting the characters for bad luck and they create again for good luck. I know the answer; delete the game! It’s the best thing.

My honing luck post 1370 has been so bad I’m 1416 whilst friends who were behind me are closing in on 1450.

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From +12 to +17 for your weapon you pity? Doesn’t it take about 20 failures to pity with no enhancements, so if I am right, you did over 100 honing. Bro, I get discouraged when I think I have enough materials, close to 12-15 tries and failed every try. I am 1420 and there’s no way in hell im playing this game to collect that much loot just to upgrade a couple of times. I used to login everyday play hours but now…nah. I just collected my day 4 rewards from this new login bonus, little by little you guys needs to just let this game die.

I failed 2 T2 attempts 2 days ago, 1 was 90%, the next one 94.6%.

just sayin’

I just got my weapon 17to18 100% pitty followed by shoulders 17to18 100% pitty… 2 more parts to hit 1460 and i expect them to pitty as well :sweat_smile:

Also i have 1370-1370-1370-1340-1340 alt chars. Still can’t upgrade my main without %100 artisan. I think now something has to change. I’m not talking about one-shot here, but everything should not be over 50% or 100%. I’m seeing many streamer when they are trying to upgrade and sometimes they are hitting with one tries or two tries. I didn’t see yet when i hit the 1415! Always %100 alwayss !!!

Is this happening always or rarely? I’m hitting with %100 weapon. It’s everything. And upgrading armors with %50. I’m sharing my screen when i trying to up my ilvl for my friends and they are saying you should delete this account! They was behind me and now they already 1460 and bought relic items. How can i go vkyas content? Do i buy relic items or hit %100 everything ! i’m done …

It depends… 1415 to 1420 had few fails… 1420 to 1445 were almost all within 5 tries… After 1445 i pittied 4 parts i think…
Maybe i need to sacrifice a chicken, do a voodoo dance or something…
My scrapper goes pitty a lot at 1355 now :rofl:

I success 2 T3 attempts 2 days ago, 1 was 3%, the next one 3%
Just saying :v

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RNG is rough because I pitied 90% of my upgrades from +10-13. It’s like the game has some hidden algorithm that knows of your a whale, streamer or something and helps you out

Takes me 2 weeks of farming on 5 characters to go up ten ilevels.

I have exactly the same issue i’m at 1450 atm and i have about 50 fails from 1445 to 1450 while guildies and friends already hit 1465-1475 with most if times one tap or 2 for weapon +18+19 +20 etc…i’m already at 60% artisan for weapon from 17 to 18 also got pity from 16 to 17…I’m really tired of this rng bullshit bcz whatever time you effort in this game you still stay behind bcz of the rng…and as a veteran dont want to play a bdo clone all over again…so as a huge supporter of this game from launch is my first time to thinking serious about to quit…anyway wish you luck ppl enjoy the game at your own pace and don’t fall into depression bcz of the rng casino bullshit lost ark is a good game and will continue to grow peace