Honing,are you doing fine?

So,are you doing fine on honing? Yesterday after 1 months farming abyssal,chaos and stuff like that,my GS pass from 1400>1410,we talk about 1300 GH,25k destruction,50k guardian,i have only 3 pg t3. What im gonna doing now? In two week maybe we will got valtan,i was hoping to get more GS but now im so fucking sad. Any advice? your honing is going better?

There is nothing wrong with not doing valtan day 1, valtan will come to stay… you can do it a week after, im at 1425 right now (Im not pushing my main anymore, i decided to start pushing all my alts to 1370) i went to pity on my weapon since +17 to +20, im f2p, with the amount of mats they gave us im pretty sure most of the “serious” players are already at 1415

Yes very good, 2 characters at 1420 and 2 at 1370 we good.

Plus Valtan is 3 weeks away, I’m sure u will be able to push from 1410-1415 by then

Advice for what? If you don’t have enough mats just buy them from mari/ah if you want to upgrade your gear.
I’m perfectly fine with hoining. My main is at 1416 just chilling and hoarding mats for 1445 push before Valtan and rest of my focus is on bringing the rest of my alts to 1370.
It may sound stupid but the best advice about hoining is to not care about it don’t expect any positive results. When I have mats and want to upgrade I just do it. If I success = great, If not = nothing happens, I will do it next time.
I think a lot of players are too obsessed with it and it hurts them. It’s much better to just hoard mats for a week or more and then do upgrades than try every day and see constant fails, it builds negativitny towards the game and system.

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I am not sure what you are upset about.
Did you upgrade every piece from +12 to +14?

If so that’s not the best way to go for 1415,
In the long run it doesn’t matter as you will have to bring every piece to +20 anyway.