Honor Shard and Leap Chests from event are not usable

The Honor Shard and Leapstone chests from the Frog shop are not usable. It keeps saying that my inventory is full on my character even though I have plenty of space.


Me as well, cant transfer the boxes to Roster storage, or regular bank storage

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I’m not sure if it’s related to class. I’m on my Deadeye.
I just checked, and I also cannot move them into my storage.

Have the same problem too on all my chars

Same here, says I can not use this item, then claims that my inventory is full when I clearly have tons of space. Got this on multiple chars (Pala, SH). Worked fine earlier today.

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Same here.

I think they’re patching it to be no longer roster storageable so we can’t use it right now.

Getting the same bug here on my bard and reaper

Would like to report the same issue. NAE Una server.

None of the box can be opened or put in storage.

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Was this confirmed?

Well if you rub 2 brain cells together and see the unintended impact it would have if you were allowed to roster storage x10 solar boxes that can be bought per character.

And if you look at general chat of the guy asking if he could store them all in roster for his artist…with it being seen/replied to by a CM.

I don’t think they will confirm it yet but there will be a lot of complaints lol.

Getting the same issue in NA West Bergstrom. My guildie told me they weren’t able to store in roster storage so I tried testing it and moving it out of roster storage and now I can’t put it back in… I was saving these for artist and it’s on my most useless alt whose bank I was using as my artist’s piggy bank.

I would at the very least like a refund for these boxes if they’re going to tell me I can’t store them in roster storage then I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place :cry:

But honestly the best “anniversary gift” they could give us would be to leave it roster storageable–at least for all chests that have been bought before they announce any change. Otherwise it’s the November Pheon incident all over again.

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I assume they intended them to be character bound and not roster bound. . . having said that - why can we still BUY them but not use them? Come on. . . prevent us from buying more and adjust the store. . . don’t jack up the ones we already bought and also let people continue to buy them without notification.

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To put it simply many people wouldn’t have bought these chests if they were not roster. Reimburse the thousands of gold spent on them or let them be.

It’s the only real fair solution.

Then again, when did they care about fair?

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They won’t make them bound, they are just reworking the token drop rate.
Some hardcore farmers bought 300 chests and can’t even buy one item in the token store…
People with 6 alts buying all the chests should be able to empty the store everyweek.

I’m in the same situation, has anyone offered a solution?

I am having the same issue. This is disappointing, I was so hyped for a honing run

Wait for their rework of the tokens drop rate on these chests, and prepare for a good amount of free tokens for their mistake making those tokens drop less than 1% of the time.

i have 60 box honing materials and 60 leapstone box bugged any solution ?

Same Issue. Understand why they didn’t want it to be roster wide, but will there be a refund or a way to open what we already have?