Honor Shard bug? Or Maxroll is wrong?

So, as you all know we recently got a honing buff, so now we get a bonus success rate and less honor shards required on items in 1370 to 1415 range, however when I went honing my alt today, I noticed that whatever I calculated on maxroll doesn’t match reality. Here you can see that I have a “discount” applied and with that I only need 3789 shards to fill the bar:

However, that exact number (3789) is what Maxroll says it would cost you to fill the bar WITHOUT the honing buff:

According to Maxroll, with honing buff it should only be 1940 shards. So the question stands, is Maxroll wrong or is the game bugged? Perhaps we’ve all been wasting a shit ton of shards without realising it?

Can anyone confirm? It’s potentially thousands of gold wasted…

Hey, I feel like by XP Discount Maxroll means Stronghold Researches. The one you are showing is the game’s own buff apart from stronghold research.

Are you saying that stronghold research you can do at 1460 stacks with overall honing buff that we got? In that case why does success chance matches? There is stronghold research one as well


Do you have it anyway?

Maxroll is correct

This figure is wrong, your screen snip shows 3879 for both maxroll and in game

The global honing is already taken into account with maxroll

is seperate and stacks along with the global honing buff

You should do the research it’s considerable

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