Hope for a roadmap this week?

Will we finally have the chance to have the roadmap this week ?

There is quite literally a post with almost this exact title with a response from a CM

Where the CM literally did not comment on the timing of the roadmap.


She actually did, you just dont like the response. Do you think it changed from 2hrs ago?

Can you link the post? I’d rather see that one.

Maybe I missed it, let me reread it. my apologies.



We are still locking in plans after our in-person meetings last week, however, I think it is important to note that we’ve learned a lot from the release of Argos and the recent discussions we’ve had with players; while we are charting the next few months of content, I want to set the expectation that we aren’t going to lock in a years-long roadmap, because we want to continue to assess and adjust with the player base when it comes to figuring out the correct content cadence that’s healthy for the game.

I believe its this post he is referencing.

So where in there did she state when the roadmap would be posted? or comment about its release timing?


Ok, thank you very much for your answers !

Only thing is, it doesn’t answer the question. It’s a walk around since literally all the answer was, was a yes or no.


She explained it’s in the works, but people on the forums complain so much they have to be really careful what they say in it.

She is a CM she can only post what they let her disclose, you can’t just expect her to be able to tell you an exact date on it, if she wasnt allowed to 2hrs ago

Right but the OP of this post asked if it was going to be this week, which is a yes or no question ,that like i said she did not address.

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There will be no roadmap before the backlash from this weeks patch, when they add 500 extra guardian stones to the event and wish us a happy 1370. :joy: :rofl:

edited: seriously now, they wont release a roadmap until they see how the community react to this weeks patch.
From my experience with games, they will probably give an underwhelm amount of extra upgrade materials for players to persue and that will lead to a instant rage on patch day; player numbers will take another huge hit as they scramble to release another statement.
So, dont expect a road map in the next 2 weeks.
Or, hopefully, im wrong.

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Roxx wrote a comment yes but we still have no real informations, we want a date for the roadmap this week, that’s it.

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I’d say more like end of this month’s login rewards, that’s 4/10?