Hope quickly ban all kinds of robots and cheater


First of all, I am a Chinese player. Just like, whatever in any country, there are good and bad people.
After reading many forum posts, I decided to say something for ‘regular’ players like us.
I believe at least 95% of Chinese players love this game. Most of us spend a lot of time playing games every day. Experience the plot of the game, complete various collection activities, and enjoy the fun of the game.
Personally, I have played 916.8 hours since the game was released. At the same time, I will also make various videos and guides to help new players. I bought this game with my friends while the game was in closed beta. After more than two months of struggle, we were dismayed to find that the game seemed to have been swamped by robots. Whether it is automatic collection, fishing, main task robots, or automatic RMT robots, they are everywhere and appear around us.
We’ve been insisting on reporting them, but unfortunately, these accounts are still active in the game today. Same time, in the last month to today. We found that automate chaos dungeons robots are always at work. During maintenance every Thursday, my friends and I expect these accounts to be banned, but why the official does nothing about these accounts? Most of them have already exceeded the 1400 or much more equipment levels!!!
These locust-like robots and cheaters are frantically destroying the game. All the players who play this game around the world are suffering, and I’m really pissed that players who cheated aren’t being punished! Really sincerely hope that the official can quickly ban the accounts of these robots and cheaters.
On the other hand, what can I do for this game?
I know that many of my compatriots have even uploaded cheating software to the official, hoping that the official will take this issue seriously, but there seems to be no answer.
The game is dying, please find a way to save yourself and help us regular players, thank you very much!

A regular player


Respect and hope.

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Respect and hope.