Hopefully the compensation is not something like "7 days of crystaline aura + some resonance aura"

There is literally nothing that can compare new content with old repetitive content, the compensation should feel like a way of apologizing to the playerbase instead of “yea here have this utterly useless stuff”.

smilegate im ready, do your worst


I like those things.


You should probably get use to it, the game is fundamentally designed around old repetitive content.

LOL we just gonna get silver and prolly some old event pet that Korea had released

It’s free yall need to chill.

People take one thing they say and literally smoke that copium hyping it beyond what originally was intended with high as expectations then when it isn’t what yall deluded yourselves into thinking it is…yall react andy over the top and blow up the forums with garbage because of high disappointment.

like STOOOPPZZZZZ said yall need to suk > a > d and chill

oh no a ttv guy has plagged my post please help

You want a worthy compensation apology?
Go ask your parents for one for not teaching you to appreciate free stuff.


Clown of the day award goes to you, thanks for the cope farm though.

Don’t worry if you keep blowing up the forums they’ll give you all +25 gear eventually.
Keep at it.

Complaining about complainers will get you… more brownie points i guess?

7 days? more like 3

I just wish chicken island was extended so I can use those mats for alt. It’s fine tho.

If we can’t even get another week of chicken or login rewards.
It is too optimistic to even think of compensation.

There is no official word saying anything about compensation.
Just that we get an update about next patch.

Apparently me educating entitled people is complaining.

Like I said go ask your parents for an apology for not teaching you to appreciate free stuff.

We need more simps in the game. Not the kind of simps on the forums tho but those who actually buys crystals in game.

lmao oh a free food guy.

What you assume to be educating looks like complacent shilling to the regular person. Any more cope?

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Apparently teaching entitled people that they need to lower their expectations and accept free stuff being given to them is better than smoking that copium deluding themselves that anything short of +25 all their gear and 250k gold is a trip to the forums to blow it up.


Imagine how much more cope you have?
Already on it
Hey i got free candy on the side of punika for you, enjoy it.

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What a nice sheep.