Hopefully the compensation is not something like "7 days of crystaline aura + some resonance aura"

Save some for yourself when you get disappointed with the compensation and end up staying in bed for 3 days because it wasn’t the reward you expected.

Way to project yikes

i while I’m all for free sht it still dont make up for all the bllsht of the past few months
I’m actually dreading what pr wall of text their gonna feed us “tomorrow”

You ain’t witty enough to compete comebacks with me

Yeah you’re right, considering your takes are baseless and based off complaining about complainers, it wouldn’t really get us anywhere either way, would it?

imagine anyone who tells you to lower your expectations on getting FREE rewards instead of hyping yourself up for big rewards that DON’T exist because you want to play pretend is just someone complaining about complainers.

“If you tell me I’m entitled you’re just complaining about complainers!”

Nice take dude

Yes, you’re quite literally doing what you think you’re not doing, reality is often hard to accept, i get it, but copium wont get you very far.

“I get to call everyone else entitled because i think this is the way and no other way!!11!!!”

Sexy mokoko skin with boobs please or I will quit the game


Yeah best take yet…apparently anyone who disagrees with you are just shills and complaining about complainers.

“If you disagree with me then you are also a complainer! huehuehue gottem!”

Amazing logic.

The logic was scrapped as soon as you called people entitled for asking for decent comp, get a grip lmao…

Compensation, rather hopeful aren’t you? I don’t think we’re getting any compensation at all tbh.

I don’t think you understand the difference between free is free and your world of play pretend in la la land of what “decent comp” is expecting good stuff that they are not entitled to give you but is simply free.

The difference is literally that in itself, they show they’re genuinely sorry for the mishaps, vs the same copy paste “haha oopsie” comp they have been giving.

Just because YOU don’t think we should get better comp doesn’t mean that’s law, just because its free doesnt make it good?

Oh i smacked someone in public, let me give them a pat on the back as compensation, what you’re complaining? wow so entitled - it was free, why are you complaining?

AGS/SG right now :rofl:

This is where your logic of what is considered “better comp” is flawed.

Because you want whats best FOR YOU and NOT the majority of the player base.

Aura of resonance and crystaline aura will help the overall player base and free players more. It won’t help the small amount of people already ahead as much but the overall player base yeah it will IF that’s what we are getting.
You can’t debate that so just take the L.

Bruh, you just literally stated the definition of entitlement with this post.

can’t wait for them to give us another costume box that’s just going to go sit in my roster storage because summoner still is delayed again.

I would take it if you don’t want it o3o

If you truly think 3 days of aura and 2 more chaos entries helps people and is a on par compensation for the shit tier service for a game we fund, be my guest LMAO.

I mean they don’t have to give us compensation tbh, patch got delayed so what? it’s not the end of the world lol i wont be able to play a lot this week so it’s fine to me