Hopefully the compensation is not something like "7 days of crystaline aura + some resonance aura"

Yeah apparently we deserve 365 days of aura and 365 days of chaos entries for the “shit tier service” that has had a massive affect on your mental health. ok fair…

Never stated that, all i’ve stated is we need decent compensation, i do enjoy how you try to put words in my mouth though, seething with cope.

That’s because it’s quite clear you just want to complain to complain, you aren’t listing what you consider “decent comp” because no matter what they give out you’ll be the first on the forums complaining that it’s not enough. Am I right or am I right?

Funny you take my initial response and try to turn it on me, complaining about complainers is your thing, remember?

I don’t think you understand the difference between complaining about complainers and me saying you want to complain just to complain. They are not one and the same amber heard.

what compensation??

I dont think you understand how complaining works
Picture that
Please spare me the cope on your complaining about complainers

Ok dude now you’re just running around my words and ignoring the facts.

Like I said you didn’t list what you consider “decent compensation” because you want to be the first one on the forums to say it’s not enough.

Please stop with the cringe take of “anyone who disagree with me is just complaining about me complaining” it’s cringe.

Even if i told you, you’d say im entitled, so why would i?
I guess this is the default for the f2p shill
complain about complainers until confronted then act like you weren’t complaining and proceed mental gymnastics to cope further

I want 100k gold as compensation cuz AGS hurt my feelings :c

You keep saying cope but you the highest cope on the thread.

And then when the cope don’t work you gonna be the first one on the forums to yell bloody murder.

I’ll see you on June 30th for that thread man.

Continue to cope, nothing will change the reality of you complaining about complainers bro bro.

yeah sure dude see you on the forums with 10 threads on june 30th about the compensation not being “decent” enough.

Cry about it and complain more lmao
See you when we get good comp, i’ll be sure to @ you bro bro

@ metoo when you make the thread on june 30th when it isn’t to your liking.

I dont make threads to complain, i only ask questions, and farm copium from the white knights (like you)
When we get good compensation, i’ll be sure to let the dev team know you were fine with the 3 day aura alternative LOL.

and you, you need to stop suk > stoopz > d and gtfo :rofl:

yeah ill suk his d

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I like aura of resonance tbh, gimme 20 of em