Hopium for Arcanist

I’m looking to take my vacation when she get released. I hope SG will be able to push the patch out when we assumed it would be (july 20th), or AGS release information about the actual date before the assumed date. Fingers cross Inhale dangerous quantity of Hopium


Fingers crossed! I can’t wait to play arcana again, she’s my main and I’m so excited. Hopefully we get her July 20th, let’s prepare for it :3

Fingers crossed… She’s my main too. :disappointed_relieved:

Everything points to July 20th but until they confirm it anything can happen

Be careful, we might get “mid june”'d again.

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I too am hyped for Arcana!!
Hopefully it won’t be the end of July or the first week of August! (However due to recent events it’s probably more likely :sweat_smile:)

She was originally gonna be released before Glaivier in NA but they swapped her out with no prior notice. Just suddenly a change in the roadmap for the time.

I’m really excited for arcana too! Hope she doesnt get delayed :confused: Destroyer and Glaivier wasnt for me so shes the first class i can finally enjoy after months (other than shadowhunter). Hope they speed this up so everyone can enjoy the raids with their main classes.

fingers crossed and acumulating gogo


This is Madnick, I mean madness…

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How much silver u got to reroll those gems

Silver is not problem for me and we have 15 days…


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how many materials do you need from 1302-1445? because I have like 50% of yours and I don’t know if I will reach it :sweat_smile: waiting for a new bp for july

I think you need more candies, 95/41/21 won’t last for long.

hum, this maths are for me get 1415 in the first day. I will get 1445-1460 2-3 weeks later. Because before this i could be get acessories for her. I’ve also bought legendary barricades, and depending on how the Ability stone comes, I’ll think about setting up her accessories. But probably she should stay 2-3 weeks on 1415.

EDIT: We will probably have a Hyper express. If it is exactly 1302-1415, these materials are enough to reach 1445. If not from 1415, these materials are enough for 1415. 50% of that, with express is more than enough to reach 1415.

Wath is candies?


ah, as I commented above, these materials are focused on reaching 1415 on day one. There are still 15 days to go, 2 weeks I still get + 5 stacks of guardian stone, among other things. After that I’ll build it, and then go up to 1445-1460;

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I just asked because Im trying to hit 1445 but it seems I need more work to do :stuck_out_tongue: good luck with this too, we can do it :v:

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I raise you 30 ilvl.

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