Horizontal content died

It would be nice that you would adjust the isles and etc, bcoz noone playing it and some new ppl want to get sea bounties and other drops, but its not doable as solo, liek alakkir, illusion isle and etc

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sailing coops are getting a boost, according to the letter to community, dont know how much though

Too much dailies and weekly most players don’t have time anymore

When all you had to do was Argos and oreha it was much easier to find concurrent players to do horizontal content with

Now it’s just too much

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ye so it would be better to lower the requirement to complete the content like the mining in spida island to allow ppl do it alone

Bad server on Mari (NAW) I can go on illusion isle at any point of the day and find people there. They need to merge all servers and regions. One region for NA one region for EU, and on each region 4 big servers max, otherwise this game will keep dying faster than it already is.

islands are Region based , not server

How long have you played this game and not realized that islands are SERVER based lmao
And you have the audacity to correct me lmaoo

That’s bad game design.
You have a bunch os islands to do right out of the gate, all linked with dailies, mats, mounts, rapports, etc. And then one day, they are all exhausted (and you prolly got burnt out because some are veeeeery grindy), so aside from the little gold reward from random islands every week, people have no reason to go back or even explore…

It’s like they had a vision at the beginning of the game with all the boats and such and didn’t bother to rework it.

yeah u are right , i am sorry i made a mistake , plz dont be apset , here grab a :beer: to relax

Nuff said, nobody is on moake, nobody is on spida, or literally any island that is coop base and because of that you literally cannot do the coop quest. New/ returning player experience on horizontal is a pain in the ass. You can’t do horizontal, which is the best kind of horizontal in any MMO I’ve known, and you also can’t do legion raid due to gatekeeping, then what’s the point of playing this game ? Both of the best kind of content they can offer, cannot be done in the current state

I am not upset 1 bit, you misread the situation. It’s just hilarious to me how someone can make a comment on something that they are absolutely clueless about.