Horizontal progress is hard if not impossible

Doing islands and other group activity’s are very hard and often impossible due to low server populations and high requirements for completion.

Example : Spida island

This island is completable only with about 6 people and 2 of them having level 30 mining. there has not been 6 people at this island in weeks. without mining bombs it takes several more people.

Many other islands are affected from this even things like ghost ship and field bosses are affected by this. Please consider scaling down to the number of people required so that this content can be completed.

I would love to collect all of the maps and collectables but the high volume of players needed are not here and will not be here in the future.

NAE Galator


i dont thinks its about low pop server… i think everybody already complete their stuffs an the others still hasnt doing theirs because they only focus on legions and honing… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Could be the case for sure. People might not be interested in it. Perhaps make them soloable so the few who are can still do them.

Yup, when we didn’t have much to do (Argos/Valtan era), we had a train on our server that ran through a pile of these Islands. Eventually everyone got their Souls/Secret Maps and we peaced out.

I completed most islands within first 2 months of release.

The game that respects our time

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Thank you for this feedback, i will send this to authority.

Yeah, the issue is that those islands have no reason to return once you get your soul/map/rune/etc. from it. Eventually, virtually everyone will have the desired rewards and you are not left with anyone to do the content anymore.

All of these events should be scaled to n-players (down to 1 in the most extreme case) so that they remain doable. Either that, or there need to be recurring rewards to entice players to return (e.g. materials, coins, etc. from repeat visits per week).

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We definitly need merges again.