Horning Rate from 1340-1370 is so stupid

I know, another post about this, but I just want a crowd to share the rage, I already have one 1385 character and was thinking of leveling my bard to 1370 since the LancerMaster was delayed so I would have something new to do and the game is already lacking support right?

so with the stronghold buff and all the materials and books from all the events that reset and a few saved for the lancermaster i managed to horn 7 times. Now I just need to hit the horn 21 more times, but it’s even harder now =D

then they ask why we who play f2p get frustrated and the worst thing is knowing that for us that horning was nerfed.

I seriously don’t know why are you getting frustrated. impatience maybe? It just takes some time … which can be spent by playing some horizontally oriented content. ;o)


Its fine. The events have made it a non-issue.


You are complaining about the dead zone with a fking honing bonus from the stronghold and another character that can mat funnel?



The honing rate will eventually get even worse (single-digit critical success chance). This is the game you signed up for.

I’ve already done all the horizontal content I wanted, I’m frustrated with such a big difficulty zone in a part without content.

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every time the same thing, I know it’s going to be 1% chance, but at least it’s going to be 1% chance with a lot of content to do, man 1340 is not endgame.

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just one-tap your upgrades and move on.

thank you very much, your argument was so profound and coherent that I feel better.

Hope you prepare a better argument for the next dead zone that may come up. Because that argument will be met with even more vitriol and hatred once you say that to people who have actually done horizontal content after the game’s been out for a few more months. As time goes on, it will not age well, and you will look more like the fool.

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argument? who’s arguing? Just stop failing your honing attempts. There’s nothing to argue about.

pretty sure your main frustration is that you didn’t reach 1370 from 1340 in one day lol

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I waited all week for this reset. Was stuck at 1350. Cleaned out all the vendors in the game at 3am when servers went up. Spent about 2000 gold honing. Just to get to 1355 because most of my attempts failed.

There is literally no chance in hell that valtan is released next month

Just because you won’t be able to do it at launch doesn’t make for a valid reason to delay it.

I hope it gets released on time :grinning:

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I am by no means casual. I have a 6 character roster of alts feeding me gold and completing horizontal content. I put in about 5-8 hours a day playing. I literally do everything except farm endless chaos

This is all way more than the average player puts into this game, and alot less than the extreme hardcores that are 1400 because they skipped the entire game at launch. If I cant even do it putting in that much time, than the 75% of playerbase that are casually playing way less than that are definitely not getting there in 2-3 weeks.

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I think you’re missing at least one source of mats then. I hit 1366 this reset with only one character, all alts still in T1. And I took a 2 week break at the wall in T2. Either you’re incredibly unlucky or missing something, sorry to say. Still don’t think it should be delayed though.

Valtan is the END game in more than a month … You’re not supposed to be there yet and you’re not supposed to be there at launch if you’re casual, being 1 raid behind isn’t a big deal i.e : getting to argos when valtan comes out. Getting to valtan when byakiss comes out and so on.

Go at your own speed, people will still be doing all content at that point.

Giving everyone everything would make this game boring asf.

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I agree. I am by no means giving a shit if I can do valtan on launch because I dont even have a functioning guild and its going to take forever to even acquire the gear to be raid ready due to the horrendous prices on ah right now. Im just saying that amazon will be analyzing statistics, and the vast majority of people are in the low end of t3 right now with no hope of reaching 1400 till end of may most likely. They are not going to release a raid for 5% of the community

I really hope we don’t get more delays but not enough people understand this point that so few will be valtan ready in May.

It would be really interesting to see an accurate breakdown of the player base progress and see what percentage of people are in what ilvl range.

I think this data should already be available to devs so it would be much appreciated if they did an update before May about the state of the game and the likelihood of a valtan delay. I’m pretty sure you should already have a good idea on if a delay is going to be needed from the current data.

But idk, not really sure how argos got released when over 99% of the playerbase couldn’t access it.

Its fine with the events.

Alt or not you’re not going to go from 1340-1370 in 1 week. Not like theres a rush anyways, collect and funnel mats.