Horns gatekeeping brel

stop gatekeeping telling people to put on horns. i have multiple characters that can do 1-6 brel and they are bound to my main so i obviously cant show you on an alt but i can link an achievement. makes no sense

you can get achievements in deja vu

no you can’t it’s not like clown you can only do 1-4 brel no achievement on dejavu if you don’t know don’t spread false info

im saying this because its the reason why almost all the groups moved away from linking achievement in general, not just for g6 specifically and they just do the same on it

nah people who only want horns are basically asking for mains and they are dumb as hell for not knowing that horns are bound and achievement works the same they just don’t understand it or they want mains in pugs and that is super rare anyway

Ok so people going to be waiting a f long time since you get them on one character.

This is a really stupid/shortsighted gatekeeping method

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Horns are per character so this would only gatekeep you if you haven’t previously cleared on that specific character. Sure it does gatekeep people who’ve cleared on another char from joining on a new char but I don’t think they care tbh.

Not many people are good enough to play with Alt. That could be a reason otherwise create a lobby with the title “Exp run/Alt run”.

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