Hostage in party followed by mass reported

Congrats, we got to the point that people not only keeps you hostage but mass report when you want to leave…

Are we getting anything done about it? Does encouraging people to mass report someone bc that person wants to leave not a punishable action?

Now we officially have to stay silent and deal with bad parties for the sake of not getting mass reported and possibly banned…

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deserved, toxic is not commiting and leaving your party
you don’t want to commit, create your own party in party finder


Wow, nice toxic response. So it’s deserved after wipes and being made to stay in a trap party? People should have the right to leave whenever.

they probably didnt want to mass report you for asking nicely to leave, so probably deserved


Only thing said was “i’m out guys” and “this will fail on p3”. I don’t see how it’s deserved

how many time did they wipe if its once then its all on you but if its about 10 to 20 times then ye u can leave as had pug groups where u wipe once and people are like nope want to be carried so they leave

6 or 7 times? in an alt run…

No, toxic is keeping ppl hostage.
I ALWAYS vote to let people out if they want to leave.
And unless racial slurs were used, I always understand when people being forced to stay in a party become a bit sour.

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Esc > switch character for a while > receive entrance ticket > re-try.

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Both of these things are toxic lmao.

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You feel attacked bc one of the last 2 alive on p2 says want to leave bc the party is doomed to fail?

It’s honestly more toxic saying is a alt party and being a trap

I personally wouldnt do this & havent tried so idk how this effects raid lockouts & if its safe to do.

But I’ve seen people on this forum suggest using the song of escape to leave content and then switch to an alt, the raid will eventually disband or fail & you get your reattempt ticket in the mail when you switch back to the characters you song of escaped with.

The worst problem is not being trapped itself, it’s the fact that people are going so far as to mass report you just for that. People can get banned for something stupid like that and it’s disgusting they act like such kids that think it’s ok to mass report bc someone don’t want to stay. I hope the support delivers at least some kind of punishment for encouraging this kind of behavior.

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I think your best option is to find a static group with the upcoming cross server friends list in august/september patch. It’ll make it a lot easier to organise and do raids with more mature and friendly players than the shit show we have called matchmaking & party finder.

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I mean your emotionally charged responses have no effect on me whatsoever. You are toxic. You don’t need to say anything, you can just song of escape. If you are that confident that they won’t do P3 even though P2 is definitively harder than P3, song of escape shouldn’t be a problem.

I really don’t see how being frank and telling that the party will not clear p3 bc cant clear p2 and that want out is toxic. Why people consider toxic when you tell the truth? It’s like when you say to someone that their engravings are not the best or they could use some skill instead and they go ahead and call you toxic when you are offering advice…

As a matter of fact, I said, it’s an alt run. It’s expected to be smoothly and fast. But if it’s full of first time taking advantage of the “alt run” title or the whole thing being a trap in the first place, leaving is the least toxic in this situation. It’s way more toxic to lie, waste people time and mass report when they want to leave.

Nah, you toxic. If you can’t see how throwing shade at others in a video game (yes it is a video game, not worth getting worked up over) is toxic, I dunno what to tell you. Again you don’t have to say anything, it won’t change anything about how they play. The only reason to not Song of Escape is you are worried they will clear without you.

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I hope they did and he lost his ticket LOL

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there is nothing in the EULA or game of conduct to prevent anyone from clicking the quit button top left. the button is there, if SMG or AMZ do not want people click on it then they should remove that button. However there should be a cool down to prevent spam or abuse, if you are voted down, and that is the result of the vote.

I am not sure about hostage, if it is failing and without good chance of succeed people will want to leave too, not just only you want to leave. There is nothing to stop you from playing face tanking and probably die instantly. And you get to watch the fight while watch youtube. That is a legitmate way of play not barred by the EULA.

There is also alt-F4, but then you lose your entry chance.
There are more variations of scenarios:
If you are being forced to pay gold, then just play face tank. The bus driver’s time is more valuable than yours. They lose 10x more gold than you. A hour of your time it like 10 hours of their. They got more buses to drive.
If you are being carried, well face tank also works since you don’t contribute much anyways.
If you are the muscle guy, and don’t to be forced to carry, then face tank also works.