Hostage one egoist player or trap 7 players?

The question is in the title but just an exemple : I do a Vykas HM, we fail 2 times in gate 1, gate 2 was perfect and gate 3, one guy decide that we let him leave after the 2nd try (the 2nde try, we almost did it with 4 players : 3 cm healths bars left), the guy in question judge people and say they are bad (he said he has 6 more alts to play etc…) and decide that we have to let him leave because he doesn’t want to get hostaged, i reply and say we can do it easily but it’s the last day before reset and you are gonna trap us Gate 3… i precise we let him go. Who is in the wrong ? What do you think of this casual issues that happen way too often ?

I personnaly think that when you apply to a vykas raid, you are ready to give your time and some fails but there are no rules about how much fails before leaving.

just exit and replace the guy, shouldnt keep a guy hostage and waste time


You are toxic let him out


it depends the point of view, the toxic one is for me ONE guy that will trap 7 PLAYERS, just because he can’t handle 2 fails. by the way we let him go so stop inventing whatever in your head

it depends the point of view, the toxic one is for me ONE guy that will trap 7 PLAYERS, just because he can’t handle 2 fails. by the way we let him go so stop inventing whatever in your head

He is traping nobody thats the thing


actually he is a waste of time for everyone, people will maybe not even found a gate 3 anymore because of this guy’s perfectionism, or maybe the title of the lobby should have been “come if you can handle 3 fails or more”

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If he dont want to play with you he dont have to

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he is trapping 7 other players (it’s before reset, it takes BIG minutes to get people in late night into the lobby) in gate 3 IF afterwards the whole lobby leave because of many different reasons.

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Again he is traping no one you still can go again after he leave


If you understand how trying to find a gate 3 party is much more difficult than gate 1 then you will realise what the OP means.

The guy wanting to leave after 2 is potentially ruining all other 7 (except supports) chances of a clear that week.

If the guy wants to leave after the group fucks up in the 1st 5 bars 3 times then yes they are trapping him.

Yeah and they ruined his fun by whiping so they are both fair

Dumb take .If someone want to leave ,let them out .


A lot of China players in this chat. All of you think the same and play the same - which is equivalent to deadweight.

A good message to the community is do not carry nor accept them into your party. They will troll and slow the raid down tremendously. People need to inspect every player to see if they have something like “PCCUNITED or YUCS” as their stronghold/guild as this is a high chance of them being players who originated from China.


guy wants to leave for whatever reason, but you wont let him for your own reason

nobody is at fault imo, just use a democratic solution called “vote to end raid” and whatever the outcome is accept it.

Unless you think that your opinion has much more weight than anyone else, then you need professional help

also you are saying one guy is holding 7 others in hostage while in reality its not possible and it is easier to hold one guy in hostage with 7 others and this can actually be done.


If someone wants to leave a raid let him leave.

He might did wrong blaming people, but if someone wants to leave a raid for any reason you have to let him go, if not you are trapping him, not him trapping you


Let him suffer finish it with the 6 others and have him not get the loot.

Hate people that expect perfection first try. Unrealistic.

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He can just perma wipe grp on swamp

Let him leave then ask the remaining 6 players to report him after :slightly_smiling_face:

Wont work try to report soft int in league of legend and you will understand