Hot fix Maintenance?

What exactly did you guys do yesterday if you need to implement a hotfix maintenance to do another ambiguous ‘infrastructure improvement’? Two days in a row?

How does anyone take this seriously?

I could care less that the game goes down, but it gives the image that you guys can’t handle simple tasks and make those clear to the players.


Yes, please someone from AGS care to explain? this is not the first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th time. It has happen numerous times where there is the weekly maintenance and then short a day or 2 after, you guys would roll out another "HOT"fix.

I would also ask if you guys can reconsider not using this term from now on, I have NEVER played an MMO/MMORPG that hotfix requires a server to go down. HOTFIX happens while the server is up and running or maybe at most only a relog. Not your 4-7 hour downtime, that would be considered a server maintence like what happened yesterday.

It feels like DEJAVU every week or every other weelk.

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Finally! I can shower now.

True same