Hot key warnings

I have assigned diffrent hotkeys for my skills. They work as I want them to, but the game keeps telling me “no skill assigned to key 1 See hot key menu to change” or something like that. There is no need for the warning when the key setup is shown in the ui and working as intended.

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this is because you remapped the key which was put for example Makro 4 if u remapped for example ALT+4 to hotkeybar, there is no automatic replacement. Its reminding you to assign a hotkey to the key where you took it from, since this “function” does not have a key at the moment

simply fill empty funktions it with any combination and the message should be gone

Aha! Thanks :slight_smile:

Still annoying. I unbind my PTT key and now I have to see this message every time I enter my mount…