Hot take: Amazon should release Artist ASAP instead of more DPS classes

We all hear people complaining in game and on the forums about the lack of supports. Another support class would help alleviate those burdens.

If Amazon wants to release two classes each month in Summer, perhaps Artist and Reaper. With Arcana and Summoner following in July? If not, Artist → Reaper → Arcana → Summoner sounds like a good classes roadmap.

Scouter can always wait.


“Hot take” you must be new here. This argument has been made for the last month now


I agree, we need more sups and if Artist mains can work on Artist early = more Artist mains on late game content its a fact you can’t deny it and if you do you’re just in deniable because you want your main first and thats pretty much all there is to it. We need double class release to stop the war on forums.


Hot take: they should release all classes instead of new content.
Even if they release it - you think everyone will have collected enough mats to push it to 1415/1445? There will be very few, so it doesnt help in the short time.


Your take isnt a hot take, its a shit take.

You know when artist is coming out. Last. So deal with it.

You have two choices, play with a class thats out and that you like, or dont play and take a break until theres a class you like.


Being part of the artist spam is detrimental. In every sense of the word.


If you think that Artist will magically save support shortage problem you are mistaken… :upside_down_face: majority of people who will reroll Artist are supports now anyways.

And besides that it takes a PLAYER to main support not the class. All supports eventually become boring no matter how fun they look at start for some people who got dps mindset.

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When has Smilegate or Amazon confirmed this? BTW, I only play Berserker, I couldn’t care less about Artist, I just want more supports in the Legion Raiding scene.

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Releasing Artist will change literally nothing since you still need to spend way too much money to gear hear up.

@Roxx said it.

Why do we need it ? There are so many supports it took me 30-45min to get an argos group on a 4x3 engarving 1425 Bard.

Abyss dungeons were worse…

Korea has TONS of Artist players. It’s the 8th highest most played class.

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Last i saw Roxx said they older classes first.

Feel free to scroll through Roxx’ posts. You’ll find it.

I can post anything on this forum to make it look like someone said anything, so dont just take my word for it. Go to the source so you can see for yourself.

Click her profile and go through her posts.

there is a more recent but forgot where

This is because they gave free T3 power pass along with 1445 express event for Artist so a lot of people made it because its a new class. The question is how many of those players mains her and how many of those players didn’t switch previously from being support.

What we would receive is tops T3 Power Pass and even this AGS is scared to give because of huge botting problem.

plans can change xD a release in Russia of the artist that could bring out lot of player from eu/na server it’s a good reason an example, or a big “support lack” issue could be another reason. As i said in other post i think they are planning a worldwide release for the artist

Will it entirely fix the problem? Probably not.

Will it help with the support shortage? Definitely yes 100% no doubt.

Here is a guy that didn’t read and doesn’t want the game to get better, only that his class launches, he doesn’t main artist and he doesn’t want her to come so he can play, he as other rational people, want her to come first because of the INSANE amount of support shortage, bringing to the game the annoying shit of support selling themselves, what being even worst people who will play right at the start then start trolling so they give up and so he can sell himself to another party right after

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This is not a hot take, this is what about half the community who actually talks about class releases thinks. Supports are good to have.