Hotkeys, Graphics and Custom Game Settings File Cloudsave


Each day I seek to improve my game’s “Quality of Life”. Custom hotkeys and optimized graphics play the biggest part in this.
This topic is split into three parts:

  1. Hotkeys;
  2. Graphics;
  3. Cloudsave.

I’ll start covering what I found most frustrating to deal with - Hotkeys:

  • First, the [G] and [H] keys can’t be unbound, moderately narrowing possibilities for various custom binds.
  • Next, the action [Others - Hide UI] (i.e. combat clarity) is locked to [ALT+X], making finger position too uncomfortable to use.
    Allowing every key, menu and action binding, allows the user to customize their layout not only by the preference,
    but also the class they’re playing with (as some classes have less keys to use than others, i.e. Berserker’s default [X])
  • Lastly, this is an ARPG - a genre notorious for having it’s users develop various wrist injuries and other issues from lack of stretches / proper posture / comfortable hotkey customization.

The second part of this is about Graphics Settings, where I want to see a clear explanation on what each effect affects.

  • Character Quality
    Impacts the core character model or does it affect our custom skins too? What details are affected?

  • Particle Quality
    Can it make bosses less shiny? Does it affect the clarity of enemy attack alerts?
    (There were /are players who didn’t / don’t know where to look for photosensitivity settings)

  • Anti-Aliasing
    Does this use FXAA, MSAA, TAA or other? What are the values for Low/High?

  • Auto Optimization Function
    The slide has 5 values to Quality and 5 values to Performance. What does each value observe? What Visual Quality aspects are affected under heavy loads with +5 Performance adjusted? What does +5 Quality keep under heavy loads?

A thorough explanation to each of these settings I’ve listed would help users better tailor the game client settings to their hardware, resulting in a cleaner and smoother experience.

The last part is about Custom Settings File and / or Cloudsave.
This is self-explanatory. We need the legal ability to carry over saved custom game settings by either:

  • Exporting and Importing a file, or
  • Uploading / Cloud-saving data to user account (i.e. “Black Desert” has done it).

Currently, we don’t have a way to keep personalized keybinds and other game settings.
Hopefully, these points were clear enough and that we see both changes and new options with future updates,
so that everyone who enjoys playing “Lost Ark” like I am, can have their QoL improved by their needs.


Yeah the hotkeys settings limits is something I put a thread up myself as well “Hotkey Settings Feedback” and it does cover one of the points you brought up, the hard locked G keybind which there is absolutely no reason for it. Some of the things I brought up as well in my thread were about players being able to setup their keybinds in WHATEVER way is most comfortable and intuitive to them, and I as well have certainly seen the stories here and there about the hardcore ARPG genre players who have suffered unfortunate injuries as a result of the completely non human way they have to contort their hands to play to be the “META”. You should check out my thread as well for the other changes feedback I brought up for things you did not cover in your thread here and see what you think of the ideas I placed that would further increase the ability for players to make their keybind setups as comfortable, and intuitive, to them as possible.

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