Hotkeys should not be locked, we don't all use the same keyboard layout

I use the norman layout, and where the h interact key is at doesn’t work for me. I also want to change g to skill 4.

My prefered layout is going to be skills 1-4 are going to be S,E,T,G, and skills 5-8 are going to be W,D,F,K.

I don’t want any important keys on q or a because my pinky is my weakest finger.

My H key is where the ; key normally is–meaning my interact 1 and two aren’t next to each other, G is in the middle of my keyboard, and H is very close to my mouse hand and much further than I want to reach to press a hotkey.

Please allow your users to decide which keys they want to use.

I’m given the option between QWETZ, QWERTY, and AZERTY. Where is colemac, dvorak, and norman? There are also other layouts not mentioned. This really hinders my ability to use the keys in the spots I want, and to set my keys up in the way I’ve been doing in games for many years.


i also hope for customizable hotkeys. The first thing I do when I load into a new game is check the keybinds and change them to the keys that are most comfortable for me. I remember few games where I didn’t have to do this.

I haven’t been able to play yet but this is something I feel is essential in any game. Having such accessibility will make my time playing much more productive and enjoyable.


This is another hot issue we have been warning Amazon about since beta. They chose to completely ignore the feedback. Now they will reap what they sowed.


i would definitely prefer to use my Diablo set up, but they bound walk and interact to M1 and M2 :confused: got used to it on RU, but it’s weird switching between games


This is literally my biggest gripe with the game. Looks like we’re still in the beginning of 2000, when many games had locked keybinds and you couldn’t have different binds for different characters.


Honestly Amazon it’s amazing how much you can mess up a NA launch when they literally told you for two years now to fix this. I for one will be getting a chargeback on this game if this isn’t fixed soon. You better learn from CD Projeckt red, no company is safe from failure.

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I’m stuck in the same boat as a lot of other people, I use a custom layout to help with mobility issues and these locked hotkeys make playing the game quite difficult. There is no good reason to prevent people from binding all hotkeys however they want.

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I too would like to not have G and H locked. In ARPGs like ‘LA’ I personally like to bind G to my Health potion. I would also like to be able to bind a “Force move” button to a KB key and not the mouse.

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Most of the other keys are… Just not a few. Which is worse.

It means they’re aware of how to do it, and have implemented it for most things. And said no for this one.

I use a hand pad for pc gaming… And this key isn’t even on it. So I cannot use the interact button. Solid.

And the Xbox controller setup is a bag of hot garbage…
So… I don’t really have much option other than to quit playing.

Sorry Lost Ark.
And good luck with your new game.


Won’t be able to play this game due to an old hand injury.

Need the ability to rebind everything like most games have nowadays.


This is the biggest issue I have with the game at the moment. The big one for me is interact, I mean this goes deeper then just the bindings, I think it’s ridiculous that we can’t just click to interact but at least let us bind this to mouse (like the side buttons). Outside of combat, you can do everything with your mouse, until you have to interact and suddenly you’re forced to use your keyboard.


And we need all modifier to be usable so we can bind Shift+key


I didn’t mention it in my post, but essentially the same for me. I use a special keyboard because it’s easier on my hands/wrists.

Yes, agreed. Preferably I would only use half of my keyboard and a lot of my keys would include shift.

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I’m thankful I use a Razer keypad with customizable keybinds. I just remapped everything to work like other games.

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This is the first game I’ve ever played that has locked keybinds. I’m used to being able to remap everything. I don’t understand why anything has to be locked. It makes no sense to me. Has the rationale for this been explained anywhere?

I use a Razer mouse, and in the Razer Synapse app, I just bind G key to my side button on my mouse. Works perfectly.

Actually the keybinds aren’t locked. You can change them by clicking on the keybind. Figured this out yesterday.

We are talking about the keybinds with the little lock symbol next to the name of the function.

So basically G, H, and alt for showing loot, plus of course mouse for moving and attacking. Mouse move and attack is hard-coded in a lot of games. It’s not my favorite but I can manage it. The G, H, and alt locking needs to be fixed.

Not allowing for custom keybinds in 2020 is just stupid or lazy. It is like the developers don’t even care with this game.

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