Hotkeys should not be locked, we don't all use the same keyboard layout

Agreed, barbaric and irritating

Still no communication from their side? Halo??? The most stupid thing is, that I can rebind my mouse and keyboard so basically those, who can’t, are in big disadvantage. And those, who can, just have to waste more time to set up stupidly weird profile for their mouse and keyboard that allow them to completely negate this stupid lock…

Same, except a Logitech mouse. G macro for side-front, tab for side-back and 9 (where I always have my mount) for middle click. Also in case anyone likes this layout, my mouse scroll wheel clicks side to side which I have set to Z and X, useful for all classes but especially GS for changing guns.

I have bad circulation in my hands meaning they are always very cold. Because of this I like to be able to play one handed and have my other hand in my pocket to keep it warm, having interact and map on my mouse means I only need my keyboard for combat.

I just wish it could be done with keybinds rather then having to have another piece of software running in the background that I wouldn’t otherwise.

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