How about including the 30 Days Crystalline Aura on Server Transfer Refund?

So as per official news on the delay, we are able to refund the Founder’s pack contents for those planning to switch servers. HOWEVER, it seems that the refund announcement did not include one of the most important items in the pack which is the 30-day Crystalline Aura. I cannot stress how this item is the most useful among the pack items as it gives you Free TP, discounted ocean liner prices and activation of pet effects & functions. I’ve read a similar post asking if the aura would be available for all servers but one of the AGS staff replied

If this is so, why isn’t this included in the pack redemption for those planning to make new characters on less populated servers?

The reason its not included is because its account wide on all regions. If you go and make a character on another server or even another region you will see the aura is in effect. the cash shop currency is handled the same way. its account wide across all regions and the re-issued packs will even give you a bit extra not just a portion of what you initially got. its basically a bonus.

Thanks for the clarification. This is the thing I was worried about since it was one of the main reasons I got the pack aside from the 3 day headstart. :wink:

You’re welcome. I was worried about this initially too. But I ended up on a poo poo server and made the jump today. went from EU to USEast and my aura is in effect and my cash shop currency is showing up properly aswell.

Not trying to be off topic but anyone knows what happen with Twitch drops? Will I loose my pet if I change server?

That one, I would want to clarify with the devs since they only mentioned offering pet refunds for the pack holders. Not sure if twitch related drops are included with the transfers but technically, those drops are account bound as well.

Since when did you implement this? because last night after closing the server where I am, I went to a new one, and in the store I didn’t have any gems of the 4000 that I should have.

Dont know. I just know mine showed up on my new server. Not sure why yours werent.