How about them Power Passes?


Now that classes are confirmed to only release once every two months, I think the team should rethink Power Passes and have them with every class release. Unless the team plans on making each Power Pass last more than two months so we can save it for a class we want, it’d feel terrible having to wait 4 months between each Power Pass.

As someone who wanted to play a lot of different classes, I’ve already run out of Vern Knowledge Transfers and I’m certainly not willing to level a class from 1-50 manually again.

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Feiton Powerpass

For players who’ve progressed a character through the “Will” questline in Tier 2, the Feiton Powerpass can be used to immediately level up another character to Combat Level 50 and Item Level 960. The Feiton Powerpass will function like the Vern Powerpasses available to all players in the launch version of Lost Ark— once you’ve completed the storyline through that continent, you’ll be able to use it to bring an alternate character to that point in the game. With a Feiton Powerpass, you’ll receive level 960 gear on that character. This event Powerpass will expire on June 30.

Alternate characters can be used to experience new playstyles, and can also send materials to your main character through Roster Storage if you’re looking to progress one character quickly.

idk if this is for all or just for the new accounts (hope not, i finish knowledge like u)

I still maintain my opinion that class release cadence was changed from 1 per month to 1 per 2 months because of all the crybabies that whined when we only got 1 pass for both Glavier and Destroyer.

I do believe we will be getting one with every class now though. Originally said that we would only get passes every other class, or every 2 months, back then. Now it seems to line up with the slower class releases.

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If you notice, this is just talking about the power pass we got with Glavier. Notice how it says expires June 30th? I dunno why they included that in the Vykas news.

nha think it’s just for marketing.
this month put in the game “this”, so u can spend your money in “this thing”.
The 2nd month put in the game “that” and a new class, so you can spend your money in “that thing” and in the new class etc etc etc etc etc etc…
It’s not about complain, they know what they do.

ok, this confuse me A LOT.