How about we do event dungeon easier?

I’m trying to spread awareness to the less informative, when you are fighting the event dungeon please be aware that you can only get the buffs when you use destruction on the certain invader. I cannot count the amount of people who I’ve told to do this, and they tell me, “Why does it matter? It’s only a 2-3 minute difference?” When I’m sitting there solo destruction on the boss. They then want to spam reports because I’m being toxic telling them how to make the event dungeon faster.


Key word.
Sadly, it’s faster to do it solo because people simply refuse to use destruction bombs.

When you’re solo you need way less destruction so a grenade and a couple of skills is enough.

ty will keep in mind

Try partyfinder. Try telling them “guys, focus on x boss and use destruction skills/destroy tail, then you can do super high damage!” - seeing high damage numbers is a neuron activation for them.

Also this is game feedback section, much better suited in discussion.

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So just dont be toxic, if they dont want listen ok ignore them do your job you will finish that anyway and this 2-4 mins longer wont bless you.

Could it be even easier than it is now?

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Or you try to teach them how to efficiently do the raid?

If properly done, yes?

Lol you must be also offended by the slightest misshaped cloud in the sky?
It’s not toxic to explain how the event works, rather it is toxic to be fuming about people who try to help you in understand the mechanics.

And it’s not 2-4 minutes as the event guardian is equalized and whatever you think your ilevel does outside won’t do anything inside. If you get already those clueless players who act offended like you, they won’t be much of a help against the bosses, meaning it can take up to 10 minutes more, especially on a bigger map.

Didn’t know teaching someone what the mechanics are is toxic.