How adventure island boss drop work?

I am curious how boss drops work during adventure island events. Lets take lagoon island as an example. Next to some rewards there are small compass icons.

Does that mean that if i want boss reward like Wealth rune i can go to that island more than once a day? And those rewards with small icons i get only first time? Or every drop is once per day?

Noone knows?

The rewards with compass/stopwatch icons means that those reward changes every day the adventure island comes up. The other rewards, without the icon, are static.

This means that every day lagoon comes up, the first 3 items may be different, while the last 3 will always be the same. The rng items usually differ between card pack, high sea coin chest, silver, and gold.

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its once a day, you can only claim reward 1 time each day from adventure island. hope this helps you out