How AGS deal with region-locked Players?


I am pretty sure by now AGS would anticipate a lot of players coming from all around the world, and I understand the restrictions set from SmileGate RPG.

But what would be the outcome to the players that wish to connect anyway?
I Just want to hear the official answer on this because so far if we look at other server response :

KR : Lock account upon failing the verification
RU : no actions taken
JP : clearly documented on T&C page , resulting in permanent account lock/ban.

You will get the answer that it is against Steam and Amazon ToS and results in a ban.
If you want an answer on how hard it will be hunted we will know with release.

More informations than that you wont get.

i mean its already blocked even if you use vpn u dont have access if u are outside the unsupported region

Err… Based on my experience prior to AGS included Australia as part of the countries listed I used to use VPN when I created alt account and set my country in US I can see the packages (Bronze, silver, etc) on steam which means it’s playable.
When I turned off my VPN and changed back to Australia it showed message "Sorry your country not supported bla bla bla
TLDR: Unsupported countries should be able to play the game with VPN.
Will Steam ban the account? Possibly hence creating alt account :wink:
There should be video on YouTube explaining how to do this.