How am I supposed to complete sailing gates when we are 2?

I came twenty minutes in advance to the gate on Canal 1, there was like 8 people waiting.
I jumped in, ending with one person. I’m alone in my team and I’m supposed to get 2000 points by myself ?? Ofc we can’t use our keys if we failed the event.

Second time in a row this happened to me, I guess I’ll never get the 4 treasure maps from gates :slight_smile:

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Something something smart scaling based on player numbers
too bad the game doesn’t have that

Hurts me to say this but the sea bounties are extremely rare. think of people using 100+ keys and no bounty on sight. Let alone all four of them. Its still an issue even in KR


I’ve read that they’re working on server transfers and stuff. Hope you benefit from it dude :’(

I’m in EUW, not really a dead server, but nobody wants to do these event, and I kind of understand them

I was in Alakkir Island, I was the only person in it. It was 19:50. I couldn’t finish the quest by myself. All events need scaling.

Idk man I’m on Kadan EUC and hundreds do sailing every day. Server population is no doubt a problem for open world co-op events since they’re done in a server and NOT a whole region like raids/dungeons. But I’m happy they’re working on a fix.

Another gate failed because we were 2, mesmerizing game design

And another gate failed, this time at 49% because no one wants to enjoy this delightful game design :slight_smile:

Aaaaaand another gate failed because we were only 4 :slight_smile:
Hard to tweak 2 numbers in the code I guess ^^

Same, and I suppose you are the one who were with me :sweat_smile:
This really annoying and a waste of time, I have my key for more than one month now and i can’t use them, really bad design here…

Another gate failed :slight_smile:

Group content on Ladon im up to 59 keys, no way to ever use them xD

And another gate failed, yeah !

Sailing co-ops and gates are such a massive waste of time. The co-op takes quite some time, gives you a few dozen coins and a few keys. Blowing up a dozen keys on a gate gives you maybe 1k coins and nothing else. Shipwreck maps might as well not exist and I’ve never seen one after months of playing.

The rewards are in no way proportionate to the rareness of the events, the time spent on them and the amount of coins the game requires.

I have done 1 shipwreck since launch, it surprised me when it happened because the game mentions it at the start in the sailing tutorial but I had forgotten they even existed. The reward wasn’t great if I remember but it was a semi-broken but fun stealth event.

I have heard the legendary sailors are even rarer than the shipwrecks.

And another gate failed, thanks for the mesmerizing game design :slight_smile:

You found how to tweaks the value of the event pretty quick, maybe you can tweak these values too because people still don’t want to do this event, specially at this hour :slight_smile: