How am I supposed to get Glaiver to 1415 in time?

How on earth are we supposed to switch mains to Glaiver and get to 1415 with this short amount of time without buying a ton of mats??? Especially when the majority of greater leapstones you get are character bound instead of roster bound. You already need several hundred to a thousand normal leapstones for 1300-1370 and then 1k-2k for 1370-1415.

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Farm mats to roster storage or credit card.

Latter for faster progress.


Why does it have to be 1415 on release of Valtan? Valtan isn’t going anywhere.


Ok so let me understand you correctly.

You think that no only should you’re main be instantly able to do any new content in the game, but you also think that if you decide to change mains that character should also be able to instantly do all new content when it’s released?

You sir are bonkers.


Simple, you’re not supposed too. You prepare and do what you can, some people will be able to for various reasons, but it’s not “supposed to” just happen overnight easily.

Because if your not in early you get fucked. get to t3 early? make bank with mats. Get to argos early? Make bank with jewelry and more mats.

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And like other posters in the thread, switching mains has a cost.


If you had been serious about maining Glaivier from the get go, you’d have done what serious people have done… save hundreds of leapstones and thousands of mats, silver, and gold in preparation.

If you’ve spent all your materials on your “alt” instead, then that was just bad planning on your part, wasn’t it?


Ok let me just save all those greater leapstones from pre 1370.

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Maybe AGS can delay the release of glaivers, if you’re not ready and release another class instead.


Or maybe let me transfer the giant stack of greater leapstones and shards that are stuck on my main.

now HOW but WHY maybe? :slight_smile:

So then get your highest char to 1415 first, then make the swap to Glavier once she gets there.

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by sheer will.

and playing efficiently 4head

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Unless you’re doing hard valtan at 1445 you don’t get any gear progression lol. So no different than just doing argos.

pay to garbing project!1st they show how good game is and its not all about pay to win.and then u get to endgame and uninstal game or playing only pvp coz all engmae is pay to win


Could be worse. You could still be waiting for your main. God i wish amazon would stop pandering to the lowest common denominator.

what a ridiculous reasoning.


In time for what lol…