How are some people 1000+ gearscore already?

How does one solve the weapon crystal bottleneck? Marketplace?

I can only speak for myself, and I had no weapon crystal bottleneck. Harmony shards were the bottleneck but I fixed that by buying them from the ship merchant and by doing some more chaos dungeons to get the exchange currency.

Luck + Knowing exactly what to do + more playtime

f2p 1070gs here, juts gotta know what to do.

this ^

i think most people dont know how much u actually get from ships and island and dungeons

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here, enjoy getting to tier 2 in one day

I literally did all those and can’t manage to upgrade my weapon… so because I had bad luck I’m now stuck waiting or using the marketplace?

I was watching a youtuber yesterday. He had a GS of 900 his roster level was 24. I just hit lvl 50 didnt even have a GS of 250 yet and my Roster level was 28.

Some people rush to end game and skip everything else. Some people enjoy exploring, finding all the collectables and doing every quest. It is what makes MMORPGs great, you don’t have to do what the next guy does if you don’t want to.

I did my first Chaos dungeon last night went from 250-320 in less than an hour and I am one of those people who has no idea what I am doing at end game, but having fun learning.


Why even care for gearscore? Theres more then enough time to get the gear.


I know that, this isn’t my first rodeo in mmo’s. I just can’t seem to find enough weapon shards to get my last piece to 600 without having to wait a long time for 1 piece to finish to start doing the next bit…

And to why care, it’s not about the gearscore, it’s about doing the content I like most. Which is the high end stuff.

Im in same situation.Its the 3rd reset of my char with 1 weekly reset i amm done with all the islands but im stuck with just without weapon level up 596.6 ilvl.Very unlucy honing on my side…

How many alts are you running? More alts, more materials and gold.

You can’t trade a lot of what they give you to your main. Gold I get, but doing most of the stuff yields bound to character materials. I’m trying to find all the ways to get shards, but most things outside of the island quests seem to give less than 10 on average after chaos dungeons.

who cares?

It´s just playing 24/7 and knowing what to focus on. Islands give a A LOOOOOOOOT mats for example but some people know exactly which isles and so can rush to t2/t3 very fast. If i would play like those streamer monks without sleeping and w/o breaks, i would be around IL1000 too now^^ but i decided to take it slowly and i´m completely fine with IL600, soon 700.

This shows that the game definitely is not as much P2W as you think with Amazon Games, they did a pretty good job with making people doing islands and other optional stuff since Lost Arks optional content is awesome. Only downside for now is that abyssal dungeons have only 1 entry per week per dungeon for us, but this may change in the future.

Also those videos about lost ark taking like 2 years to max out a character are absolute BS or troll videos anyway so don´t trust everything you see instantly. The only thing which takes a long time is upgrading gear above +15, but +17 is pretty much all you need(for the first endgame glowing effect), after that it´s just a time and money sink for whales/ppl who have nothing else to do. Does it matter for MvP ratings in PvE? Maybe, maybe not… there are so much other stat increase options which you can´t just whale for that it´s hard to say.

@Titan I doubt you finished every island, there are a lot more islands than the suggested ones from guides which give mats. After i struggles with emerald crystals i found a lot more isles giving those and other mats, the guides just mentioned the easy to reach isles^^

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mate u are doing smth wrong if u upgrade from 600 to 700 u jump imediatly from 600 to 802 if u do chaos dungeons with resonance after u finished yorn

I’m not 600 yet. Lol that was the whole point. But I’ll just buy shards from the MP.

The good news is, once you can get your weapon done and do the next bit of content, you’ll rocket up to 800 pretty much instantly, with the stuff from the T2 islands, you can get to around 1000 pretty reliably once you get that set from the new chaos dungeons that you unlock.

@Cirao Ye wever, i forgot what item level the jump was xd