How are some people 1000+ gearscore already?

The good news is, once you can get your weapon done and do the next bit of content, you’ll rocket up to 800 pretty much instantly, with the stuff from the T2 islands, you can get to around 1000 pretty reliably once you get that set from the new chaos dungeons that you unlock.

@Cirao Ye wever, i forgot what item level the jump was xd

you are jumping from 600 to 802 from 1 chaos dungeon round after u finished yorn … as i just wrote

and u get to 960 with the mats from island

Alts and swiping the credit card. Wont take long until we see the first where is all the content posts :slight_smile: Brace for impact.

I’m not implying the game is crazy with mats from the irl money store. I was just curious since I seemed to have really bad luck upgrading my weapon. Was hoping for a sliver of chance I missed something is all…

nobody swiped to upgrade so far xD how far are u in the game if u believe that ?

maries shop is blue crystals which u can buy for gold , + u dont even need to use it

Thank you for all the replies btw. Most I knew already but some I did not.

np, i have over 100 hours in and i did not spend more than my founders pack ( gold + plat ) and my vanq starter pack.

and if you want to swap to another class like i am doing right now , there is even a research on your island where u need 20% less mats and 20% less experience to upgrade tier 1 gear , which u get after u finished Yorn

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That is a neat way of helping alts around. I’ll keep that in mind!

Keep in mind that 600 -802 is like a given and 802 to 900 is like 100% success and theres islands for those mats so really if you are 560+ you arent far from 1000. I know it seems crazy but im a noob with like 100 hrs in and im 600 now with about 8k of each t2 upgrade mat in my storage from doing islands. Once i finish yorn and do my chaos dungeons its time to explode lol

Nope i hit my weapon + 15 with %100 luck… Soo my rng is pretty bad i guess :smiley: but you’re right overall.

I got stuck on the weapon for a couple days aswell, bad luck on upgrading for me. I ended up just selling my excess guardian shards on the market place and using the gold to buy the crystals needed for the weapon upgrade.

Mari’s Shop plays a significant role and i am guessing that not too many want to talk about it because if the word goes out then the price for the blue crystals might sky rocket.

And another thing that it is pretty important is to do The Ghost Ship and the Field bosses plus the Cube because those can give a lot of Star’s Breath + Moon’s Breath depending on the level which can greatly improve the chance for upgrading as in up to 30% chance along with the books that can be bought from the market and can give up to 10% each for either armor or weapon and can help to save up on thousands of crystals when trying to enchant at +12 or higher.

That’s right, you can’t go there in just one week, without buying from Marie’s shop. Also, those are players without a job apparently, that do not enter any queues. Also, only buying from Marie’s won’t get you 1000 in 1 week, there’s also a lot of playing involved.
Honestly, I do not understand that, since T2 is harder, I prefer saving up my blue crystals so I can spend them in T3, rather than to spend more in useless T1-T2…

Heroes of the storm - Nubz? :thinking:

It is also worth to add that the islands give a very significant amount of materials ( at least 4k destruction along with 7k guardian stones ) and not only that but the chance to upgrade goes down to 90% only at +6 and 80% at +8 for tier 2 meaning that it is mainly possible to get from 600GS to 900GS just from islands within a single day reaching +10 on all pieces.

The Mari’s shop also helps as well and especially if the players bought the T2 materials ahead of time ending up with thousands of them before even reaching Yorn.

And the Welcome Challenge also has some pretty important rewards that can help with upgrading so that one is worth doing as well.

p.s. farming gold with alts to buy blue crystals and use them for the mari’s shop is extremely efficient

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I was 590ish yesterday, over 1000+ today, back to waiting on dailies while doing some misc stuff. I would say I got an average number of fails, from having 4 or so alts, I still have thousands of t1 stones eft over in roster storage. Harmony shards ended up being what I was lacking. The progression to t3 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t intend on spending any $ on progression.

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Alts can’t help if you run out of shards. Those are character specific.

credit card ofc.

get your daily Mari’s Secret Shop
Convert your crystal to gold > buy craft items from player market.

just watch streamers you will see how they progress (for example shroud)

Exactly this, cannot agree more. You will get there eventually, the more you rush it, the faster you will hit the wall.