How are we going to swap mains with this roadmap?

Do u realize we need all classes released before Brelshaza Legion? Its gonna be impossible to swap mains for ppl like me who are waiting for our mains to be released.

Game is complete and all classes are released in other regions, most ppl were playing them for a while and wanted to give a try to this release cos we were specting more faster content so it was ok to wait like 6 months to have everything here, but this roadmap was the worst possible scenario AGS could take.

Now ppl need to wait like a year to have everything availeable here, nice move. There is no point on still playing here.

We really need to catch KR ASAP to keep ppl playing, but now seems everyone will go back to the other versions. Thx AGS!


You aren’t.


hi can i have your gold and items

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you stock up mats…

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Pssht people who wants to quit hate that trick


you swipe hard thx to bots and rmt just like everyone is doing, no ban so far anyway. you can buy a bot too maybe


Sorc and Artist came out after Brelshaza (although Sorc did come out before Brelshaza Hard).

At the current rate of Legion Raid releases, I would expect Kakul in August, Brelshaza N in October, and Brelshaza Hard in December.

I think they could stand to release 1 class sooner, so Artist comes out in January.


They can just release Brelshaza in the summer next year. EZ :grin:

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Hit 1460. - you can do all current content.

Hoard mats.

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How could you release the game not with the temps a random guy on the forum had in his mind…look what have you done…now he is going to q… go back to RU beta…
P.S Send DMS Artist at XXXX-XXX-XXXX

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August for Kakul is probably a bit too aggressive since it requires triple the progression from Valtan to Vykas but we’ll see. My money’s on September.

Bots are kinda fked up next maint cuz they will be making the whole chaos shop roster bound :x

I mean, we’ll see. I thought the steam trusted change was going to wreck botting pretty hard and it didn’t do a whole lot.

I actually do wonder how many people played the other versions relative to the population that has only played the Global Release. I also wonder how many people get eaten by the negativity because of those veterans on the forums saying they’ll quit because of X Main not coming out.

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Bots will rely only on Una’s and rapport now, the chaos shop was giving them a MASSIVE amount of gold per week to each bot account which will reduce their gold considerable

Kakul came out 2 months (4/24) after Vykas (2/26) in KR.

We’re supposed to be catching up to KR, not falling behind.

Also 2 months to Kakul is 8 weeks of Vykas. It takes like 4 weeks of hard (or 8 normal mode) to get the set.


You won’t. The management thinks that they will refresh their sucker base with each new class unlock. Unlocks they will spend no money to market.

Now, we all know better than that, but that is why we aren’t qualified to lead a Basilisk Station assignment like AGS.

Their bean counters are convinced this will get people to spend more money, which we know comes at the opportunity cost of having enough krill for the whales and dolphins to eat. So we know it’s likely mid 2023 sundown for NA/EU is coming. I’d estimate server mergers will be too technically difficult to implement, so they’ll just flat out be telling people ‘X server is being discontinued.’ as servers become unplayable ghost towns.

or maybe the botters will keep going and develop effective Abyssal Dungeon and Guardian Raid bot programs.

Either way, on the current trajectory the NA/EU region will sunset before Aeromancer or Fzerk release on it.


My main is not even invented. Please implement Jesus Christ class.