How are we supposed to catch up to KR?

Akkan, Breshalza Hard, etc. all requires ilvls which take time to accumulate the resources to achieve.

Let’s say we want to catch up to KR in 4 months which is releasing Akkan at 1580 ilvl and brel hard in 2 months.

What % of the population would be ready for 1580 akkan? There’s no more soft rest with brel hard.

The only way we can realistically catch up with KR is if KR itself slows down the time they’re giving players before a new raid is released (from an ilvl/resources perspective). Then there’s leeway for AGS to reduce the time. For example if thaemine is 6 months after Akkan in KR but you only need 3 months of materials, AGS can release it 3 months later.

Without that situation we need significant honing freebies or we need to whale to catch up KR.

So how do we realistically catch up? It would be nice to be able to do a raid once in a while without people expecting you to know the strat week 1. Blind groups kind of solve it but the most fun prog is when you can look around to see what others are doing and incorporate their strats vs blind which is do everything on your own.


I could easily manage to be 1580 on my main in 4 months without swiping. There would be a big river of tears coming if it would be like that tho

even if you’re unlucky? Do you think its fine if just 1-2% of the playerbase hits 1580 in 4 months if we sped up to catch up to akkan?

Cause I know for my chars I have to use up all the gold I’ve earned to even remotely hit 1580 in 4 months. It’d be impossible on bound mats and the shards/silver/leapstones are going to be an issue

average scenario from 1490 with gear transfer to 1580

1520 to 1580

4 months to get 8.4k leaps 2.7k shards (even assuming I had 1k leaps from pre brel and 700k shards from pre brel) seems like a stretch for sure. Definitely needs a lot of gold ~1-2m

i’m not tryna attack you btw or anything just saying AGS claims of catching up are hard to believe if they don’t execute any change

My main is already at 1538 and I get around 250-300k gold every week so I’m sure it would work out even if I had to pity everything.
I think it would be fine even if they release it when 0 players are ready because new content is always good

I mean my main is 1545 but I don’t think I’d get there straight out pitying unless i nolifed the game to earn gold through bussing on all 6 of my 1520s. It’d be impossible to do with my current playtime of 15hs/week. Probs need to play 40hs

and thats just akkan normal. Who would be doing akkan hard (1600) on release, etc.

We don’t once we hit Akkan we will always be behind kr. SG global release of a patch challenge impossible. :+1: Rox already confirmed for the foreseeable future we will always be behind kr until further notice.

It is what it is.

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yea that’s why AGS needs to be clear that we aren’t catching up or remotely catching up when there’s just a ilvl/resource gap that’s preventing us from doing so.

And there’s 0 chance they’re making that easier since profits .

Not sure why AGS always claims we’re trying to catch up

Probably a mix of marketing and not playing the game themselves

We don’t

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Brelshaza Hard Mode will require Item Level 1540 for gates 1 & 2, 1550 for gates 3 & 4, and 1560 for gates 5 & 6. It works the same way as normal mode brel. Everyone will be ready for Akkan just like how many are already at ilvl 1540 ready for brel HM. They never announce how long of a gap between Akkan and HM Brel will be before they release Akkan. I’m positive it won’t be 4 months because they squeezed in Reaper and summoner back to back so they had to do what they did. We will catch up to Kr but at a pace NA casual players can, this is not for the hardcore players as if they are sitting duck waiting for Brel HM atm.

Not sure where you have been past two months, but Roxx has made it pretty clear we will always be minimum of 4 - 6 months behind KR in terms of content. Go watch Roxx-Stoopz interview and also the roadmap for 2023. I can guarantee that we are not getting Akkan in 4 months. More than 90% of population just crossed ilevel 1445 due to Hyper-express event and wont reach 1520 in the foreseeable future.

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Localization is a thing, and that takes time. It doesn’t have anything to do with a ilvl/resource gap.

Because SG are also constantly releasing new content to South korea. If SG pause everything just so NA can catch up then South korea will rage and it is not ethical to do so

Never going to happen. We went from catching up, to keeping up, to 4 month raid content cadence. We will be lucky if it stays this way and we don’t end up having 6 months between Brel Hard and Akkan.

you dont catch up

thats how multi region games work

they can force catch us up now but u wont be at ilvl for akkan and itll take u ages

we are already being accelerated faster than other regions even faster than KR, and people are worried about getting the required ilvl. this is how most grind based MMos will operate. and tbh its good that way classes can be buffed/nerfed/fixed in advance so our region will only get the best builds for those classes. its a win win really.

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yea its unfortunate.

basically all our raids will be based on guides and fully blind isn’t fun (since u want to pull strats from other ppl)

but the guides will have everything detailed perfectly

we dont and never will :slight_smile:

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full blind runs lost its fun after valt

raids are too long as it is already and msot have little time to play and do dailies.

having a guide lets me have fun and still play the rest of the game

4 month Akkan? We will get Hard Brel in 3 month. Where is this 4 month Akkan coming from?
I would say that Elgacia around July and Akkan is around November-December.


How are we supposed to catch up to KR?