How are we supposed to catch up to KR?

the games been out for a year, we’ve had a plethora of freebie mat injections via events/hyper express/etc, I’d like to move away from my anecdotal example because I believe that, that will not fit everyone. However, the core of my position is this:

With the things I have listed above, as a non new player, do you believe that you would not be able to casually maintain ilvl for current content if your resources had gone primarily toward your main and were subsequently used to prepare for future patches instead of pushing alts needlessly far?

if u think alts are pushed needlessly far you’re trolling a bit.

You always hone alts on bound mats first of all. No ones honing alts using tradeable mats outside of stones which are cheap

The main reason my paybacks worse is i stopped no lifing and i don’t bus. People bussing have paid back their brel alts ages ago. If you look at any decent math spreadsheet you’ll understand.

You earn about 50-60k gold per alt per week through legion raid bussing

You earned most of your gold through gems my guy not through acutal gold generation its not ur average player or hardcore player

This isnt true. This works if we only look at the upgrade cost. Not the pheons/accessories/gems/engravings

completely true theres a reason my no life static has more gold than you and they didnt flip gems

plus you only have gold not net worth. Net worth people probs much higher than u cause dthey hone alts (lvl 10 gems, etc.)

nothing against u tho they no life bus

So again, I don’t feel like we’re going to get anywhere with my anecdote as it does not apply to the average player. But I would like to clarify that my gold is EXCESS gold, I have maxed gems and gear lol (again not the point).

I’m not even asking about making more money LONG TERM. My question, again, is if you think that a non new player, if resources are primarily used on a main, only pushing farther on an alt when the main is ready for the subsequent patch, is not able to casually keep up with content

I know this might sound harsh for you… but you simply don’t… unless:

At some point down the line, you will need to either pull your credit card of doom and swipe like no tomorrow or play this game religiously as F2P for 10+ hours every single day and scratch every single thing you can possibly get.

This is how korean MMO always operated for 20 years now… they become worse over time and very predatory as time goes on.

So if you want to FOMO day 1 do the new content you better prepare that credit card or cancel any other hobbies you still have left and devote your life around this game.

Most people these days already run 6 characters and do all the raids… they will get harder and possibly longer too because of increased chances of failure.

No hate against the game though, it’s more like a honest post to remind you that you’re better prepared about what’s to come in the future.

How you go on, that is for you as an individual to decide.

@Kiro1 @valantic congratulations ! You won lost ark do you guys want a cookies ?

What I’m saying, and the reason why I ask, (you’re writing this like I’m a new player asking about the game) is I’ve played, mostly single character, and without no lifing or all of these things people describe, have no issues keeping my main vastly overgeared for content. I’m also not saying that its impossible for someone to be in that situation or that I’m not an exception, but what I am saying is that I dont see that from my end, so I’m asking for people to explain this to me and people’s response has been: it just is.

No offense Kiro, but I answered the OP and not you.
I just stated some facts that are well known in the MMO genre at this point and they’re sadly undeniable.

Lost Ark hasn’t really aged that well to be in that spot yet… not even in Korea.
What is bound to happen is the years coming ahead. It’s a fundamental problem of never-ending powercreep that has plagued specifically korean MMOs… because it’s designed for whales in mind to get them to spend money… Esther weapons is a prime example for this.

One can hope these will be adjusted for the global version so they’re earnable ingame.
Getting a esther in Korea as F2P is simply impossible.
It’s a matter of time when you need Esther people to clear content.

I’ve seen it a dozens of times at this point and it always ends the same with korean MMO.

You hit reply to me lol, so I assumed it was to me.

That aside, while I agree that the doomer mindset does happen more often than not in most korean mmos, I think its disingenous to just blindly apply it to all mmos without any sort of analysis to back it up aside from past averages. So again my question is:

With lost ark specifically, do you think that a non new player, if resources are primarily used on a main, only pushing farther on an alt when the main is ready for the subsequent patch, is not able to casually keep up with content

Okay now I’m actually answering here.

Tbh most people on this game pushing to Brelshaza or further can’t even be considered “casual” anymore… because the actual casual player already opted out around Valtan release, when content became “too hard” for them is when the numbers dropped from 800k to a mere 100k (which honestly is good for this one year… just look at other recent MMO releases, curious where it stands in a year from now though)

If we actually define casually… that’s more like a guy playing for an hour and logging off. A guy/girl like that won’t EVER keep up with latest content (which makes sense… it’s a MMO)

Nobody who pushed past the Valtan entry barrier is casual anymore… they’re already grinders.

I also think offering Hyper Expresses to a normie casual guy won’t solve this problem either… he catches up a little yeah, but he lacks experience, routine and efficiency… so he ends up dropping the game as soon as he realizes it and the game bothers the person too much.

So lots of things here. If you play an hour thats enough to do 3 characters of dailies rested alternating which IS more than enough to keep up with latest content.

So given this,the people we are talking about at this point in time would supposedly have no issues keeping up with content because theyre not “casual” to begin with

This is more of a “can new players catch up” thing which I actually don’t hve a stance on because I can’t offer a realistic solution. But primarily I do oppose the initial message of the OP’s post which is that CURRENT players cannot keep up if we remain with the current means.

Which is exactly what I said to OP:

You either grind or swipe. Pick your poison.
It’s gonna get more down the line with Akkan and further.

So every individual has to decide for themselves… play on or quit. It’s actually that simple.

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I think we’re gonna have to agree to disagree if you’re saying 1 hour daily to be on ilvl at the moment of patch releases is “grind”

1580 is easy if you’re not pushing a whole roster.

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