How are we supposed to reach 1415 so fast?

I have a 1375 main and 1 1340 alt with 4 t2 alts and 2 t1 alts. I’ve been playing at least 4 hours every day since launch. All my adventure tome stuff is all done excluding rapports, I have every omnium star, and all but 2 skill point potions. I cannot fathom how people are supposed to reach 1415 this fast. And if the grand prix and 3x guardian raid event are going away, progression is going to slow even more? Is the new content in this next update going to make up for it ? Or am I going to be forever behind on content releases? I saved up mats for the last 3 days and barely got one point of ilvl increase. I literally went artisans on a 50% upgrade chance on argos gear. I don’t care about going artisans, but if this trend continuous Its going to literally be impossible for me to reach 1415 by the time its set to come out. One look at my guild roster of people who’ve been playing since day 1 shows the same thing. Everyones 1340-1380. Where are you getting these statistics that people are going to be able to reach it? If I keep getting boned with your poor release schedule and understanding what reason do I have to keep playing? Also only 1 class per month is a terrible idea. I don’t want to play some 1000 iq guessing game of if they’re going to delay the release or not. I just want them to make a reasonable schedule with reasonable changes so everyone can go along with their lives.


They will release valtan later if majority of players are not at 1415 read the roadmap
By majority i mean top 10% -20% probably

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should just release all missing content we already missed alot of weekly mat income now after 2 months with valtan we ge the first 460content one kek nice

"Our data has suggested that a big enough portion of our active players will reach, or be close to reaching, the item levels needed to participate in higher level end-game content by May. "

In what world will the majority of players be able to get there in 1-2 months??
Take a look at their track record. Them saying that they will adjust it means literally nothing right now. Why should I have faith they’ll get this release right?


Well they cant change your “trust” in them but they literally said they will release valtan when most people are there. Dont know what more you want

I want them to make a roadmap that actually makes sense.


I mean you cant just look at you guild rooster and said that
I can say opposite to you that my guild have 25+ 1400ilv .It doesnt represent player base


Based on their data they are saying its possible if its not possible we will all complain and they will push it back lol

Me and all my friends are free to play and because of the injection of materials, to include the books, 2 of them were able to hit 1400 and me and 2 others hit 1385. With the introduction to more sources (south Vern) and building our rank tiers for pvp, it shouldn’t be outside the realm of possibilities to hit 1415 by May.

Just play the game.


Im a casual player with 290 hours played. I’m 1364 on my main, and there’s absolutely no friggin way I will hit 1415 by May unless I swipe. I’ll be lucky to get into Argos by then. This version that AGS got their claws into is not casual f2p friendly. Not even close.


Im 1385 with no alts f2p sitting at 220 fail hones started 1 week after launch ur doing something wrong / incredibly unlucky

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I never said or implied that my guild roster 100% represents the entire player base.

when did you start the game 2 week ago? launch start?

I think they telegraphed that it’s likely to be delayed until June, so that’s 8-10 weeks away. Probably not enough time for “almost all” of the playerbase to be there, but probably enough time for “a big enough portion” to be, which is what they just said they are aiming at for the release timeframe.

there is no way we will wait for 50% player base to get to 1415 and release VAltan .Its ridiculous.
Its MMORPG ,game will be there for years .You dont have to get to 1445in the first day of it release just because its there .You will get there eventually with your own speed.


Honestly if they just release graphs on where the majority of the population is now at and the exact amount of people they expect to be at 1415 on valtan release this entire thread would probably be shut down.

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shut down along with the servers lmaoo

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Yea man wooooo! why u even playing a game where servers are shutting down just quit

With you credit card of course.