How are you dealing with the 1340 dead zone?

I think by now it is pretty clear that you run into issues when you hit 1340 GS. There is not enough content released in our version to support the push to 1370 where you get more content (pretty limited at the moment, but probably more coming soon). It takes a long time to push to 1370 with the current state of the game if you are not investing a lot of real money in the game to help the push.

These issues were also recognized in the other regions and they fixed it by adding more content to get more mats for the push. They also changed the succeed rate of honing and reduced the materials needed for each honing attempt. Currently our version is the hardest version of the game to progress since we have the hardest honing rates and least amount of content to support the gain of honing materials.

It is currently not clear if we are going to get the changes to help progression or do we need to take a longer time to just fight through it to hit the new content with the current honing rates and content.

How are you dealing with this currently? Are you still trying to hone your way through to 1370? Are you saving your materials and waiting to see what happens? Are you focusing on alts or other game progression such as collecting skill points, engravings and collectibles? How long do you think you have content with the other things to do in the game before you get too bored of waiting and not having new content?

I am personally just waiting it out currently and playing a lot of alts. I do enjoy a lot of classes but every day I feel like it is getting more repetitive and some new content is needed. I am slowly starting to feel like I cannot take it much longer and I either need to just take a risk and start upgrading my main or put the game on hold for a while and come back when they have solved the issues. The game itself is amazing so I would like to continue and see how the real endgame is that is getting so much praise on the other regions.


I’m handling by hovering 1310 or so and simply stockpiling bound mats, selling unbound mats and working on getting my alts up to T3 to do the same in the meantime. It’s just not worth trying to advance right now. So might as well just focus on getting money. When the inevitable honing changes come, then it’ll be easy enough to get to the place I want/need to be.

It’s not exciting but the class i want to main isn’t even here yet, so it’s not that exciting for me either way. I’ve pretty much quit the game until a class I want to play is in, but it’s hard to pass up an easy money making opportunity, especially with the event going on.


I started catching up on Adventurers Tomes, Giant Hearts and Skill Points and do my dailies on the Main. My alts arent even in T3 and i am tired of having to play alts tbh. so basically i play the rpg part of the game for now and guess i will burn out on the way as it will take weeks till reachin 1370 without injecting money or pushing alts.

Ive been pushing away anyways, got up to 1362, currently hoarding some mats to push 1370 and trying to push a 3rd alt to t3 (have a 4th in t2) but i mean ultimately ive been grinding 12+ hours a day for weeks now.

I just do dailes, play pvp, gather materials, bullying people on pvp islands, ganking on pvp islands etc. Game after 1340 is so boring xd I left my alts untouched I dont need them and I dont want to be forced playing with them.

sit on 1340 till ALL the extra mats content are in the game.
they want to bring EU/NA similar to KR/RU… ok then give us also ALL the stuff who got KR/RU for materials and catchup.

its sinless to go 1370 befor all the stuff is here.

Would be nice if I could get more than 2 upgrade attempts per day, but that’s all the game allows without spending gold/blue crystals on honing materials.

Until we get more sources of materials I’ll be doing 2 taps.


I sit at 1340 and wating for miracle such as honing and material buffs. There is no point to push to 1370 with pathetic material income at this stage. iam not masochist to do daily for 1 fail atempt.

If I would not have alts I would uninstall at this stage as majority of players without alts.


By not giving a shit.

My characters at 1340 flat out sell all the mats, the remaining characters are progressing through t2 and t1, and when they’ll get to t3, they’ll also sell all their mats.

Not worth the headache until honing patch happesn and something more substantial than argos gets introduced.

WIth 9 characters all doing una’s, chaos dungeons, guardians, abyss, random world shit (not to mention having to run rohendel/yorn/feiton/punika over and over every time a chars gets cockblocked by story milestones) there’s barely time to do anything anyway… i’m in no hurry.

From my point of view, the only people who should/could be bothered by it are the ones actively going for na/eu firsts or server firsts on stuff, but going after that in a game where progression CAN be tied to people’s wallets is a fools errand imo. I’m no stranger to that sort of achievements in my over 20 years of playing mmos, but in a game like this were you can literally buy pve power… no thanks.


This is exactly why they shouldn’t add buffed honing rates. People who have been stockpiling gold / mats would surpass people who have played the game normally.
The honing rates are CATCH UP honing rates. Our version hasn’t been out for long so catch up rates in t3 now would make zero sense. I can see them adding catchup for t1 and maybe t2.


By the way, I spent 400 euro so far and I sit on 100k gold but thats still nothing to even consider pushing to 1370 which would be like 300k gold. I am not even thinking about it.

I’m at 1349,15 and selling my mats, got 50k in my bank by now. since changes will come at some point or at least prices will go down when more ppl reach t3 i think its pointless running in the wall again and again. in the meantime i’m getting my alts up, getting all the ships and collectibles. having still lots of fun and dont see me quitting anytime soon. my intermediate goal is to have 6 chars in t3, most likely 3 doubles, sharpshooter, wardancer and sorc. When I’m done with that I’ll see whats coming.

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So pretty much all MMO’s out now?

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Basically, yeah.

So because people are making a smart choice, they shouldn’t add something that would help the majority of players in the game because people like you, based off your post, whaled your way to a high item level?

Hilarious but no, that’s terrible thinking. You knew exactly what you were doing when you decided item level was the most important thing to you and decided to bash your head against that brick wall. That was your choice. Just because some of us are more patient isn’t worthy of “punishment.”

Also, to add on to your post.

Our version hasn’t been out long enough for islands either

or Argos

or T3 in general

Hell, by your logic we should also have the unerfed gold rates ontop of a lot of other things too.

Im literally on your point.

1362 + 1 alt T3 +1 alt Feiton and 4th is at Yorn

I stopped to progress with the alt that is in Feiton just to sell materials (2k gold daily) to end buying crystals/ materials from AH just to do more tries on my main.

Is the only way to progress before March ends…

how am I dealing? I’m not, I just parked my main at 1340 and an alt at 1330…though you could say that is a way of dealing with it…
also can be said that I’m dealing with the “dead zone” by playing Ys IX instead of LA right now, I’ll accumulate a few days then get it done fast and store those mats for later, not the most efficient thing to do but right now I dont have the motivation to log in everyday…even my guild is not making any problem with that, we are all mostly in the same ilvl range and playing other things for now.

Im low on silver and cant hone nemore…

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I actually agree that there will be people who already pushed past 1340 that will be really displeased when the honing changes are implemented.

It is just pretty clear that they are coming at some point of time since there is no way they can retain a big player base if the honing rate stays as it is now. Their goal is to get people to the “real” endgame since they know from other regions that most people who play that content will keep playing the game. So it seems like the honing changes are inevitable for the biggest mass of people to get to the endgame. Otherwise they would just lose most of the people who do not play that much at 1340 (if not earlier).

So it comes down to timing of the honing changes. In my opinion they would have the least backlash the earlier they do it. If the big mass starts to push to the real hard part and they introduce the changes then there will be more people who feel “cheated” and the backlash will be bigger. As i see it waiting with the honing changes are just making it worse for everyone. Worse for people who are waiting to get to 1370 now and worse for people who start pushing forward and that mass is growing daily when people who have been making their way to t3 are now starting to go up.

This is also why it is good for the community to understand where we stand and what is most likely coming. Play smart now and focus on other things that you can do in the game than trying to push GS and ending between 1340-1370. Worst case scenario definitely is to use all your mats, get stuck and then the changes hit.