How are you dealing with the 1340 dead zone?

Make alts, pray to god aka Mr.Goldriver

You dont need to buff honing chances on T3 for Argos that is our actual endgame content, what they need to add is the left sources to get mats:

-PVP vendor
-Abyss trials
-Heroic Guardians
-Punika abyss dungeons should be 1355 and not 1370
-Yoho should be 1355 and not 1370.

Just doing that, you get more mats to try more honings and more gold to buy them. More materials = more materials on AH = less price.

And players have new contents to between 1340-1370

To add: 100% honing chance on T1 and buff slightly honing chance in T2. This gonna help a lot players to build alts and new players


While i am in the deadzone i usualy just do dailies on my main, and then i try to push my alts to T3 for extra mats for my alts and then watch some twitch and repeat every day until they bring more resources for materials and honing buffs.

Just chilling at 1350 with main, doing dailys and gearing alts ( one at T2 and 3 at T1 atm).
Doing islands and filling collections no need to rush anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll push some alts to 1340, work on my account (skillpotions, collection, cards, …) and try to get 1340+ if/when the honing gets buffed. Meanwhile I sell my T3 mats to people that want to push - easy gold.

Honing rates increase is a catch up system. In what world does it make sense to apply a catchup system this early?
They could have had it from launch, but they didn’t. Now it is too late to do it. Maybe t1 / t2 honing is ok. But T3 not for at least 2 months. 1375+ should be even longer in the future.

Sounds like u are butthurt cuz you jumped on the hype of honing rate patch that wasn’t confirmed anywhere and now you are salty because you sold your mats cheap

That is because u want to reward people who speculate in when honing lands and try to abuse it. Honing rate increase is a CATCH UP system. Not intended for people to stockpile mats and surpass people who didn’t. Players who pushed through the hard part, should not get punished. At the very least when honing lands, it should allow players to catch up to where the people who pushed are at, not instantly surpass.

That is the right mentality. You are gonna be happy later when you are sitting on multiple alts in T3 and the complainers only have 1 char in T3.
Edit: U should prob push to 1355 now, iirc that is the next bracket of chaos dungeon. That should be worth it in the long run.

By selling all my materials and focusing on getting more alts close to T3 (which is painful without islands as it is).

No point wasting them with 1/2 honing rates and 60% of the sources we should have.

Our roadmap is “NA players earn more on average so they can afford to swipe to make up the difference”.

Good news is I’m not, stuck at 1096
Bad news is I’m not, stuck at 1096

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100% true. This is EXACTLY what the game needs. Too late to touch honing chances. That should haven been here on release if they wanted it.

Getting all the stuff u listed will be enough for people to progress a little every day.

I think adding the content to gain more mats is a good solution, but will it be enough for the biggest mass of players who do not have endless hours to put in the game? I think for people who play a lot (like myself) this alone would solve the situation, but if you do not play that much and the honing chance stays low, then the mass of players will still need a long time to hit 1370 even with the additional sources for materials since they simply do not have time to get it all.

If the goal is still to get the mass of players to experience the real endgame which starts later and which has been analyzed to keep players playing the game I feel like they need to both add the missing content and change the honing rate.

I waited 8 days on 1340 for Argos patchnotes … no honing buff so i spent all my materials and got to 1360. Now im pushing my alts to T3.

Been thinking of doing that, sitting on mats that i could sell or try my luck to get 1355

Enjoying the game from the beginning. I parked my main at 1340 and do dailies, which are still enjoyable. Meanwhile, I am playing my alts, and I didn’t know I would find so much fun! And it feels so good to know that you actually got so much better in the game.
Remember that MF scorpion that used to electrocute you and grab you? then toss you around? I recently got back to it with 4 random people and I was ilvl 520 DH (btw, dh is so damn fun), and I carried the entire raid. 5 min into it all but I died, and THANK GOD they didn’t vote to stop. They probably saw me dodging every skill and knew I could do it. Took me another 10 minutes but I successfully dodged every tail attack, jump attack, countered every dash, and managed to break its tail on my own, and finished the raid.
It felt so damn good, I don’t think I can quit. Just knowing your gaming skill getting better every raid feels amazing. While I stockpile mats on my main doing dailies until they release more content and honing buff (it will come with valtan update, for sure), I will focus on life skills, masterpiece, etc, and improving my survivability than dps-ing. I know future raids will hit you hard and executing wipe mechanics are important.
so yea, enjoying the game pretty well still.


im at 1350 and im slowly getting up, i also have 1 more t3 alt, and 4x T2 alt to work on, havent even started with all the adventure tome grind just yet, there is a lot to do… island soul and such

Coming to repost this meme from reddit here:


when all my alts hit T3 i will be able to catch up every season, since im gonna gear all my alts ,slowly but surely

making alts / gold untill they buff it, then i progress more

I really do not understand all the topics about 1340 and higher Item level.

  • Nothing to do.
  • Honing is terrible becouse of the sucess / cost ratio.
  • What are you doing not to get bored (not enough content)
  • etc.

If you are in T3 and over 1340 … you must have invested a loooooooot of time and gameplay into the game … or … spent quite the amount of gems/gold on upgrade mats.
This game is only 1 month old. in EU/NA.
Games ware, are and will NOT be develloped fast enough for ppl playing 10h a day.

Im currently at 1336 Item Level (yes i was playing Lost Ark more then i should have :P) … doing my dailys on my main and enjoying my Pally alt in T2.

If i was playing like a ‘‘normal’’ person … i would not even be in T3 yet … so just maybe … we … the players that burn content to fast are to blame not the game.

Still got a lot of Islands to visit and hopefully get some more collectibles … my drop luck on that is terrible.

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