How are you gonna penalize us when you can't fix the DC issues?


I just played my first match and got dc…

Please remove this till you fix the DC issues cuz this is just dumb.

You can’t penalize someone when the fault is yours.

bro its unplayable and amazon is not responsable enough to close servers when everything is chaotic like that. So just close the game by urself, play something else

What the above man said.
Just close the game.
Mental health is much more important than a shit game.

It is fine as you play pvp.

@Roxx Can we get an update on where AGS stands on the disconnect issue? The game is literally unplayable today due to server load since first weekend of latest patch. Why are we being penalized in pvp for server disconnects? EAC offline errors, duplicate login detected errors since disconnects are so frequent, W0x5-SPELPWP1P2PT errors.

He plays PvP, clearly doesn’t care about mental health :joy:

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